The “Should I use a case on my smartphone” debate is still an ongoing thing believe it or not. There are good reasons to use a case and there are good reasons not to. I tend to lean towards the former, I find cases give me less worry, especially when setting the phone down on a hard surface. Whenever I get a new device I usually go right to the Cruzerlite website to pick up an affordable protective option – not this time. This time I went with Rearth USA and their quality Ringke Fusion Galaxy S5 case.

Ringke Fusion Packaging

When you receive this case you will notice the packaging is actually pretty modern and attractive. They want it to be known right off the bat that this packaging is very ECO friendly. So that is good for our green readers. Inside, you will find your case, a free screen protector, and directions for cut-outs which we will get to in a moment. Shipping was fast, even with standard free shipping. I was concerned about how long it would take to come in the mail and I wasn’t disappointed.

I first heard about Rearth USA and their Ringke Fusion cases when I owned a Google Nexus 4. While the Nexus 4 is arguably Google’s most attractive Nexus to date, it had glass backing, and boy did those things break. All over social media you would see users with shattered backs almost at an iPhone 4s status. I trolled the Nexus communities online and many were raving about Ringke Fusion cases, due to their clear protective covering. Using these cases let us show off our beautifully designed Nexus 4, while still protecting the back.

Ringke Fusion Case Form Factor

The Ringke Fusion Galaxy S5 case really shines with it’s design. This case is not just made from TPU. It is a (ahem) Fusion, of TPU and what seems to be very durable plastic. You will find the TPU is used around the edges and corners of the case to provide cushion for those dreaded drops. The hard backing keeps your device feeling solid in the hand and I actually find my device easier to hold now that the case is applied.

When I purchased this case, I was concerned with the glass on the S5 camera. The Samsung Galaxy S5 camera dimples out a bit, so the concern was that when placing the device on a hard surface, the glass would get damaged. Rearth USA has very brilliantly fixed this issue. On the back of the case, on each corner, is a raised bump that they call “Four-Point Rear Defenders.” This eased my concern as now my device is never fully touching the flat surface that I choose to place it on.

Ringke Fusion Case Top

Ringke Fusion Case Top

I know I will probably get a lot of hate for this but I actually like the way my Galaxy S5 looks. A huge selling point for me was being able to have the back of my device visible. This is why I went with the entirely clear option. My entire device is visible to the human eye, and protected as well. When you open the packaging you will find a cut-out instruction. Following these steps will essentially let you create your own backing. So whether you want a floral design, or a selfie of me, you can do so if you follow their easy instructions.

Ringke Fusion Case Charging

I actually have yet to find a negative issue with this case. Your volume rocker and power button is protected and it is very easy to click those buttons. Sometimes with cases that cover hardware buttons, they tend to make it difficult to press. However on the Ringke Fusion Galaxy S5 case, I actually find it easier to press the buttons now. There are cut outs for the rear speaker, microphones, camera (very easy to still use the heart-rate monitor), and charging port. The cut-out for the charging port has allowed enough room to open and close the cover easily. The case feels very snug, and is not loose in any areas. In testing how easily it can be applied and removed, I found it to be easy but not too easy. You don’t want it slipping right off.

Overall this really is the perfect case for me. I think it will be the perfect case for a lot of you too. If you actually like the look and feel of your Galaxy S5, and want your device protected. This is the best option. There are other options besides all clear to choose from: Fusion Champagne, Fusion Black, Fusion Deep Blue, and Fusion Mint. With their scratch resistant coating, slim protective form-factor, and at a great price to boot, this is a case you should consider right now.

Website: Ringke Fusion Galaxy S5 Case
Amazon: Ringke Fusion Galaxy S5 Case

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