Today we learned all about the new Motorola products that are either available now or will be available very soon. Products such as the brand new Motorola Moto X, Motorola Moto G, Motorola Moto360 and the Motorola Moto Hint.

The first three devices mentioned above we pretty much already knew most of the details about as far as specs and such. The Moto X, which I can tell you will for sure be my next phone, appears to be a beast of a phone. Motorola has really stepped it up with improvements of last years Moto X, which was very successful. There’s just so much to say about this device, however, I’ll leave that for another post all together.

As a previous owner of the original Moto G, again, Motorola seems to have made some improvements to this affordable smartphone. The price of $179 is one that really grabs the attention of a lot of folks. Simply because you can get yourself an unlocked GSM device, take it to any carrier you’d like that supports GSM devices, all for under $200.

The Moto360 is one of the most highly anticipated smartwatches since the introduction of Android Wear back at Google I/O, and it’s currently already available for sale from Motorola, though they are currently sold out. This was a watch I was highly interested in, and still am kind of, but there are many others that are being released very soon that might be even better.

Last but certainly not least is the Motorola Moto Hint, which is similar to a Bluetooth device, yet considerably different. It’s actually one that Motorola managed to keep completely secret until it unveiled it last night in Chicago. I can tell you I’m probably going to be picking one of these up as well.

Now, the question we have for you is which of these new devices will you be picking up from Motorola, if any? Will you be getting just the new Moto X, just the new Moto G, the Moto360, or will you be getting two or three of these devices? Hit the poll below and let us know. Feel free to select more than one answer(select all that apply) as well as leave a few comments below about your thoughts on each of the devices and why you may or may not be picking any or all of these up. GO GO GO!

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  • Even though it won’t stop me from getting it, I’m a little disappointed in the barely noticeable battery upgrade in the moto x.

  • @nemosfate:disqus Barely noticeable? C’mon man, look at how well the battery life is in Motorola devices compared to other devices out there. Motorola has gone above and beyond when it comes to optimizing their battery life. They proved it with last years Moto X, which I own, and the first version of the Moto G, which was my first Motorola device. You get that new Moto X and that battery life is going to be just as amazing as all other recent Motorola devices.