It’s no surprise that since Marissa Mayer left Google to take over as the CEO/President of Yahoo, that the company is trying to build itself back up to a point where it once was several years ago. One of the ways Marissa is trying to do this with Yahoo is by focusing more on mobile than most anything else. She’s made several purchases over the last couple of years, and now today we get word that Yahoo is looking to purchase FourSquare, the mobile check-in app, for somewhere in the neighborhood of $900 million.

Some sources are saying that the deal is done behind closed doors and some details are still being worked out and made perfectly clear. While other sources are saying they don’t know anything about such a deal of Yahoo purchasing FourSquare.

While nobody is saying anything at either Yahoo nor from FourSquare, it’s something that Marissa Mayer has talked about several times during her 5 year tenure as CEO/President of Yahoo. She’s talked about buying them as one of the biggest things that would help Yahoo focus more on search as well as get people to use more Yahoo stuff locally while checking in at various places and such.

This doesn’t really come as much of a surprise in some ways since FourSquare isn’t in your face all day every day like it once used to be back when it became hugely popular and widely used by so many. Since they split their app into FourSquare and Swarm, things have quieted down in their camp a bit it seems. Swarm isn’t anywhere near as popular in ways of downloads or use as FourSquare certainly hopes it would have been.

Is FourSquare losing money and looking for someone to scoop them up before their value goes down even further? That’s possible because there’s other rumors out there stating that FourSquare is courting other suitors but are keeping it all on the down low at the moment.

Yahoo purchasing FourSquare certainly makes sense in a lot of ways for Yahoo as this could help them grow that mobile portfolio that they seem to really want to build up as much as possible. We all know that FourSquare has a very huge database of things, and for Yahoo to acquire that could help them in the future with things like becoming the default search engine for Apple’s Safari Browser and other things that they have spoken about in the past.

Will this happen or is this just more talk from the Yahoo camp? What do you feel it could and would do for both Yahoo and FourSquare? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below as well as let us know, if you still use FourSquare, will you still use it if Yahoo does indeed purchase the company?

Source: TechCrunch(Yahoo To Buy FourSquare)

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