Xiaomi isn’t but 5 years old, however, during that 5 years they appear to be growing at a very rapid pace, constantly introducing new products every couple of months or so. Today, they have done just that and introduced 5 new products, but the one that really catches our eye is their new smart scale called the Mi Scale, which you can purchase for just $15.

So what’s special about the Mi Scale you ask? First is the specs. It seems pretty light weight and compact, but has an LED display that is hidden behind a white glass display so that it’s not obviously noticeable as to what it is and doesn’t look awful while it’s sitting on the floor in your bathroom when your friends come over. Then let’s mention that it comes with Bluetooth 4.0 for the best connection possible to your smart phone. Speaking of smart phones, it will work via the Mi App which is available for both iOS and Android, so there’s not on OS in favor over the other when it comes to being able to use this device.

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The Xiaomi Mi Scale will track your weight as well as your BMI(Body Mass Index) which over the past couple of years has become really important to health addicts. Another good thing is that even though is a Chinese product, it will give you your measurements in either KG or LBS so that us that use the LBS system don’t get confused and look at the Xiaomi Mi Scale as if we totally don’t understand what it’s trying to tell us.

The Xiaomi Mi Scale also has what they say will be a very accurate reading system that will be accurate to within 50g which is equivalent to 1.8oz. The Xiaomi Mi Scale will also measure anywhere from 1lb up to 330 pounds, which should be a great enough range for most of us.

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For only $15, this smart scale seems quite interesting and definitely looks really nice. Unfortunately since it’s by Xiaomi, it’s not going to be available right away here in the United States or other markets. However, since Xiaomi has made it official that they will be opening their online Mi store later this year, we can pretty much guarantee that we should be able to pick one of these up at least at that time, if not sooner if they decide to release it to other markets.

Let us know if you’re interested in this smart scale and if you’ll be picking one up for the cheap price in which it’s listed at by commenting below.

Source: Xiaomi Mi Scale

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  • so far I have been very impressed with their MiBand for $16. Although initially it only measured in walking in meters and you had to enter weight and height in kg and cm, they have since had several upgrades to their Mi Fit app and it now shows the workout in miles. The Mi Fit app also integrates with Apples Health app.
    As for the scale, I am wondering if it can work with multiple users ? At $15 you could have one for each family member, but that would be overkill. How would the Mi Scale know who is standing on it ? Proximity of Mi Band or Mi Fit app (on phone) ?