Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra has been teasing a new feature(you can see the actual tweet below) likely coming in the Xbox One February update, the ability to see who’s in a Party before joining it. Now that might seem like a pretty minor update, but it’s a pretty important one from a social point of view and something that gamers have been requesting for a good while now. This is actually something that’s been available on the PS4 for a very long time and it’s pretty helpful if you want to see who is in a party chat that you may or may not want to socialize with.

It’s good to see Microsoft is still listening to its fans. And if there’s one thing that can ruin a perfectly good match in Destiny, Halo 5 or whatever other game you might be trying to enjoy, it’s other people. You can’t trust them. And we’re not just talking about random, anonymous tweens verbally abusing you online because you head shot them with your favorite sniper rifle at 275 yards away.

This will be a great little feature that gets added and hopefully we see it next month with the February update. Up to now there was no way to find out who was actually playing within an Xbox Party, but with the new update a third option will appear when you click on a friend’s profile to join them in-game. As well as ‘Join Party’ and ‘Join Game’ there will now also be an option to ‘See who’s in the party’.

Definitely looking forward to this as it’s something that I felt I was missing being a long time PlayStation 4 user. This has also been requested for a long time by a lot users over the past year so it’s good to see it finally happening.

Let me know in the comments below what you think of this feature and what other features you wish Microsoft would add to the XBox One to make your gaming experience even better.

Source: Mike Ybarra On Twitter

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