It’s not often that Virgin Mobile makes the headlines, but today they shuffled around their service plans and added a very interesting new feature to their lineup: Data Free Music. Looking much like T-Mobile’s Music Freedom program, Virgin Mobile USA is promising their customers unlimited streaming from Slack Radio, Pandora, and iHeart Radio without any of it counting towards the user’s data allotment. This is a pretty bold step for an MVNO, but Virgin Mobile USA is actually a subsidiary of Sprint, whose towers their service relies on.  Perhaps if Sprint customers are lucky, these deals will spill into the marketing of the 4th largest mobile carrier as well. Since their being passed by T-Mobile officially earlier this year, they need to use everything in their arsenal to get those customers back. Data Free Music will be officially available to customers on October 9th, so if you’re a Virgin Mobile USA customer, get your streaming services ready. Virgin Mobile seems to have plans to expand this program, much in the same way that T-Mobile did and said to keep an eye on the Data Free Music page for updates as additional partners are added.

Although streaming music for free is a big deal, Virgin didn’t stop there. They also announced that they would be adding data allotment to their existing plans, giving customers more data for the same amount of money. Their plans will now be as follows:

Plan Cost Old Data Allotment New Data Allotment
$35 250MB 1GB
$45 1GB 3GB
$55 3GB 8GB

This is a pretty big bump for all of the plans, so this is good news for everyone, even if they aren’t planning on streaming a lot of music. Of course Virgin Mobile still offers their WiFi-only plan (no mobile data) for $25 if you don’t care for streaming things on the go.

Source: Virgin Mobile USA

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