Virgin Mobile has been around for a very long time bringing low-cost prepaid phone plans to the people. When smartphones came about, they happily adapted and gave the people what they wanted. Now they’re bringing a new plan to the people; smartphone plans that don’t include data.

Virgin Mobile Brings $20 Smartphone Plan To The Table

virgin mobile WiFi lovers delight

The new Virgin Mobile plan costs $20 and includes 300 minutes of talk and unlimited texting. This is great if you’re someone who wants to bring together the functionality of a feature phone and an iPod touch without having to worry about shelling out more for a data plan. This has been a big reason that some people continue to tote around a collection of devices rather than just buy into the smartphone “craze.”

Virgin Mobile also has plans for people who just want to use a minimal amount of data, such as a $35 plan that brings you unlimited talk and text and 250MB of data. There’s another $35 plan that will get you 300 minutes, unlimited text, and 2.5GB/mo as well. Virgin Mobile touts this as their “best value” plan, depite them still offering $45 and $55 plans that both offer unlimited talk and text, 100 international minutes, and 1GB and 3GB of data, respectively.

It should be noted, however, that Virgin Mobile is an MVNO of Sprint, so their coverage will reflect that. Sprint actually has a pretty good 2G map, however, covering a great deal of the country outside of the mid west, so if this is your plan their limited 4G coverage won’t make any difference to you anyway.

Virgin isn’t the first company to come up with a plan like this however, and they aren’t even offering the best plan. Republic Wireless offers a smartphone WiFi-only plan for only $10 per month, and they also will let you have unlimited talk and text for the price. Republic gets a bad rap for the fact that they have proprietary software on their phones that allows them to have WiFi calling that seemlessly switches over to mobile networks, meaning that you can’t take it anywhere other than Republic, but with CDMA-based networks that was always the case anyway.

Source: Android Authority

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