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Technology In The World Around Us

Apple’s Tim Cook Delivers Blistering Speech On Encryption, Privacy

Apple CEO Tim Cook was honored for ‘corporate leadership’ during EPIC’s Champions of Freedom event in Washington. “Like many of you, we at Apple reject the idea that our customers should have to make tradeoffs between privacy and security,” Cook said. This was the first time that EPIC has given the honor to a person from the business world.

Google+ Photos Chromebook App Will Stop Working In July

The news follows the launch of Google Photos, the search giant’s new standalone photo backup and management service for web and mobile. Google has already begun advising users of the app of the impending shutdown via an in-app banner. The important takeaway here is that no functionality is actually being lost, despite the app itself being axed. Any photos you uploaded using the app are safe and stored in the cloud.

Google+ Confirms App Invite System For Developers To Promote App Sharing To User Contacts

The idea: Developers give their users a prompt to share the app with other people, specifically in their contact list. This will send a “deep link” to the Play Store, and if the developer enables it, a promotional bonus for the new user. The feature is currently in beta and it’s unknown who has access to it or when the feature will roll out.

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Facebook Now Lets You Put A PGP Key On Your Profile And Uses It To Encrypt Notifications

Facebook announced recently that users can start listing their OpenPGP keys directly in their profile for enhanced email security. The experimental feature allows end-to-end encrypted notification emails from Facebook to your email accounts. You can list your OpenPGP key on your profile whether or not you choose to switch on the encrypted messages feature.

Microsoft WiFi Will Offer Hassle Free Internet To Windows, Mac, Android iOS and Windows Phone Users

Microsoft is working on a new service called Microsoft WiFi, details of which leaked several days ago at www.microsoftwifi.com. A Microsoft spokesperson said, “We can confirm that we are working on a new service, called Microsoft WiFi, that will bring hassle-free Wi-Fi to millions. We look forward to sharing additional details when available.”

SourceForge Has Now Seized Nmap Audit Tool Project

A SourgeForge policy says it can take over project pages the staff decides are inactive, and assignment of ownership of those projects to staff accounts. But Gordon Lyon, Nmap developer denies that the Nmap project was inactive and urges users to only download the tool from Nmap’s official web page to ensure their security. “We will ask SourceForge to remove the hijacked Nmap page…”

A Computer Just Solved This 100-Year-Old Biology Problem

As they report in the science journal PLOS, Michael Levin and Danial Lobo, two computer scientists/biologists at the University of Maryland have programmed a computer that independently created its own scientific theory: exactly how the genes of a sliced-up flatworm conduct its symphony of cells when they regenerate into new organisms.

Ready Or Not (And It’s Not) 5G Is Coming

At the end of May, telecom giant Ericsson announced it had begun testing 5G networks in Stockholm, Sweden and Plano, Texas. 5G networks are widely expected to start to roll out by 2020, with a few early debuts at such global events as the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea. Although there are certain problems with the project so far, business and consumer expectation is already high for the next mobile network revolution.

Technology In The World Within Us

Yahoo Makes Some Changes To Their Lineup Of Services

Marissa Meyer, CEO of Yahoo! announced that Yahoo is shutting down several services that have been around for some time, such as Yahoo Maps, Yahoo Pipes, Yahoo Music, Yahoo Movies, Yahoo TV and Yahoo Auto. These changes aren’t particularly surprising, as Meyer has been known to trim Yahoo’s projects in order to focus on a select few.

3 Weeks Correcting Bad Posture Using The Lumo Lift

A little device called Lumo Lift aims to correct your posture. The device clips onto the front of your shirt, and vibrates when it detects that you’re slouching. Lump Lift does not require a smartphone to work, but connecting it to your PC or smartphone will enable some additional features such as a pedometer, an overview of your posture history, and the ability to set the Coaching Session length.

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