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All The Important Stuff Microsoft Announced At Microsoft Build 2015 Today

Microsoft aims to make Cortana a key way to interact with apps by voice. Project Spartan has been revealed as Microsoft Edge, and will be the default browser in Windows 10. The company announced developer tools at the Microsoft Build developer conference that will make it easy to re-use code from Android or iOS apps to make Windows apps. With Microsoft Continuum, you can plug your phone into a monitor and use it as a desktop.

Ex-NASA Engineer Wants To Use Drones To Plant A Billion Trees A Year

Company BioCarbon plans to use UAVs to fight deforestation, working with drone experts VulcanUAV. The drones will shoot biodegradable, spherical pods which contain pre-germinated seeds and a nutrient-rich gel.

Google Attempts To Fight Patent Trolls With A Pretty Dubious Strategy

Google’s legal team has announced they’ll be buying as many patents as possible in order to “remove friction from the patent market” and defeat patent trolls. From May 8, 2015 to May 22, 2015, they will open a streamlined portal for patent holders to tell Google about patents they’re willing to sell at a price they set.

Anonymous: Still Trolling After All These Years

Through focused groups like Operation Green Rights, the quasi-infamous and purportedly leaderless band of hacktivists is still around. In their recent action, Operation Green Rights hit a telescope project in Hawaii, along with government websites with distributed denial of service attacks, taking them offline for about two hours.

A Chrome Extension Taught Me To Love The Internet Again

Enter Smile Suggest, a Chrome extension that helps you catalog the things on the internet that make you happy, and ignore the things that don’t. Smile Suggest hints as a future where apps make decisions for us, taking cues from our latent desires. The extension works by using your webcam to figure out when you smile, and rating your smile on a scale from 1 to 10.

Google Now Is Gaining Support For 70 More Third Party Applications

Apps of note include Zipcar, which will automatically keep track of your return time and give you directions, and Spotify, which will show you recommended playlists right in your Google Now feed. Google says the new Now cards will start showing up within the next few weeks.

Monstrous iPhone Sales are Cannibalizing iPads, Gabbles Apple CEO

Apple countered soaring iPhone and Mac sales with yet another doleful quarter for the iPad in its second quarter of fiscal year 2015.  “We’re seeing a higher rate of people switching to iPhone than we’ve experienced in previous cycles, and we’re off to an exciting start to the June quarter with the launch of Apple Watch.”

New Test Suggests NASA’s “Impossible” EM Drive Will Work In Space

The EM Drive is controversial in that it appears to violate conventional physics and the law of conservation of momentum. Despite considerable efforts within the NASASpaceflight.com forum to dismiss the reported thrust as an artifact, the EM Drive results have yet to be falsified.

Microsoft Build Img 2

It’s Your Right To Film The Police. These Apps Can Help

On Friday, the Maryland DA charged the six police officers in the Freddie Gray case with manslaughter, false imprisonment, and in the case of one officer, homicide. In 2012, the ACLU created an app that allowed anyone to film interactions between police and citizens and upload footage to the ACLU’s website. Ducan Kirkwood’s app, “Hands Up 4 Justice” allows people to discreetly record interactions with police officers during traffic stops, etc.

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