Earlier in June, Samsung Electronics had introduced the Samsung Z – the first commercially available smartphone powered by the Tizen platform. Standing firm on its commitment to enhancing the mobile experience of consumers with “innovation that is both personal and unique to their needs”, Samsung today announced the availability of the Samsung Z in its Remote Test Lab (RTL).

Remote Test Lab

The Samsung Remote Test Lab service enables developers to access Samsung mobile devices through the web and to install and test applications on the devices. It is the best way to cut down on hardware costs for test devices as interaction with the device is performed over the network in real time, allowing developers to comprehensively test their application before distributing it.

The following table shows main features of Remote Test Lab service –



Basic Function

Real-time Screen Transfer

Screen Touch,  H/W Button Control

Screen Management

Screen Quality Control

Orientation Modification

Screen Capture, Video Recording

Screen Session Share

Device Management

Application Management

Copy Clipboard

File System Access

Test Function

Log Viewer

Automatic Testing

It is no secret that Samsung has been trying to break free of the Android ecosystem for quite some time. While the Samsung  Z may be the first Tizen smartphone, Samsung has already released the Tizen-based Galaxy Gear 2 apart from updating the original Galaxy Gear to run Tizen instead of Android. Samsung also announced Tizen-based Smart TVs this month, planning to put them on sale later this year.

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Samsung Z is slated to launch in Russia first before expanding to other markets. Samsung has given a fairly broad Q3 time-frame for the launch, and is believed to be ramping up developer campaigns for native Tizen apps in the meantime.

So if you’re a budding developer wanting to play around with a whole new platform, now is the right time to do so!

Source: Tizen Developers
Authored by Nitish Saxena

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