When talking about Google Glass I often have people say, “That product’s dead.”, “Google abandoned that”, “It totally failed”. I must admit, I have a co-worker that was given a pair when she interviewed with Google. She doesn’t use them and has offered them to me. I haven’t taken her up on the offer because I’m pretty sure, I won’t want to give them back. Let me just say, there really will be a consumer glass product.  The truth is, I know that I’m biased because I’m an Android/Google fan and I read a fair amount, so I was following the story closely. It still surprises me they don’t realize it’s graduated from the skunkworks phase in to the next phase of development. When the leader of the project is Tony Fadell, CEO of NEST, you’d think it would gain enough press that the general public would just “know”.

Google Glass

In a recent filing with the FCC there is some indication that this “Consumer Glass” product is another step closer to reality. The device is, not unexpectedly, cryptically named: A4R-GG1. After perusing what specification they will publish, you’ll find all the normal players in the wearable markets. Things like: Bluetooth, battery, and WiFi are all listed. Other things of interesting note is “Due to the irregular shape of the device…”. To me that’s something of interest. Further, there’s another cryptic reference in a version history table, “…corrected body worn reference.” that seems to indicate this is a wearable. Finally, the device used to to measure some of the emissions had to be able to work with the “irregular shape of the device”. All of this points to Glass, at least a new version of it. Keep in mind, this doesn’t have to mean it’s the same wearable as before, this could be the blend of Cardboard and Glass in to a true VR device “for everyone”.

Perhaps this new filing with the FCC will bring people around. Surely it will add yet more evidence to the mounting pile of facts that there really will be a consumer glass product release. Maybe I will borrow that set of Glass that’s just lounging in a drawer…it’ll get me even more excited for this next release. The release date is, of course, is completely unknown and all of my “evidence” is really just circumstantial…and open for other interpretation. In fact, why don’t you share with me some of your interpretations in the comments section below.

Source: Phandroid, FCC

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