It’s been pretty close to two years since the launch of The Room Two for Android, and after much waiting, we now have the newest installment of the franchise, The Room Three, which makes its way to Android starting today.

Exactly like the first two installments of  The Room games, The Room Three will have you scratching your head in an attempt to solve the game’s fairly intricate puzzles. Scattered throughout a variety of different rooms and levels, puzzle boxes are the main antagonist in this series, while there is still an overall plot happening simultaneously. 

The Room Three, like the previous games in the series, is a point and click puzzler. That doesn’t quite do it justice, though. The world feels so authentic and real, it’s like you’re actually rooting around in laboratories, abandoned houses, and creepy workshops in order to solve the esoteric puzzles left for you by a figure known only as The Craftsman. The detailed graphics are simply amazing in The Room Three, just as they were in The Room and The Room Two back when they were released.

What I like about The Room Three, as is with the previous two games, you pay a one time $4.99 for the app and that’s it. There are no in-app purchases that you have to make to further your game progress or to help you solve puzzles quicker or easier or anything like that. There are also no ugly or obnoxious ads to have to deal with either. Exactly how a game should be made when it’s priced at $4.99

While it’s not important nor even necessary, if you have never played The Room or The Room Two, I would strongly suggest you go grab them from the Play Store. The are priced at $0.99 and $1.99 respectively and will have you playing for hours.

For a bit of game play, check out the video below then head on over to the Play Store and grab your copy today and let us know in the comments below if/when you complete the game and what you thought of the game overall.

Google Play Store: The Room Three

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