T-Mobile held an event today to announce uncarrier 9.0, another in a string of fantastic changes that have been shaking up the mobile industry in the United States since John Legere began his reign of terror in 2012. Uncarrier 9.0 is set to make business contracts much more manageable, especially for small business.

Uncarrier 9.0

Uncarrier 9.0 is here to target small business. T-Mobile is giving businesses up to 20 lines of service for only $16/month/line and after they cross the threshold of 20 lines, it goes down to $15/month/line. In addition, they’re making data even more flexible for these business deals. You want one line to have 2GB of data? Great! You want another to have unlimited data? That’s great too!

2GB of data is $10/month/line or you can give a line unlimited data for $30/month. You can also choose to have a pool of data for everyone and that data starting at 100GB but every GB is $4.75. That includes if you go over your allotment, too. Every GB is $4.75, and those prices go down for higher tiers of data.

The new business plans are still applicable to all of the past uncarrier changes as well, meaning there are no contracts, no overages, global roaming is included, every line is JUMP! eligible, WiFi calling and texting is available for compatible devices, they all get free in-flight texting, and data stash is included as well.

They didn’t stop there, however. They want to give small businesses more of an ability to save money and improve their professionalism. Uncarrier 9.0 means free .com domains and email accounts for all T-Mobile business subscribers. The domains are powered by GoDaddy and the emails are powered by Microsoft, so you know these are high-quality and established systems that will be backing your new online presence.

Additionally, T-Mobile will extend the savings to the employees of the companies that get a business plan with them, giving their families 50% of regular prices. And let’s be honest, their regular prices aren’t half bad.

Carrier Freedom And One Last Contract

The last things that T-Mobile announced today as a part of Uncarrier 9.0 is that they were going to give you true carrier freedom. In the past they announced that they would pay your ETF for up to $300. Now T-Mobile will pay off all of your costs from your old carrier for up to $650 per line.

They also have promised that with T-Mobile you’ve signed your last contract, but they want to sign a contract to prove their commitment to you. They’re making a promise that when you switch to T-Mobile your prices will never go up*. Period.

*But they might go down.

As always, T-Mobile didn’t disappoint today and they continued to improve upon what they know customers care about. For many, the barrier is that T-Mobile still doesn’t cover their area well. They haven’t forgotten about you. They’re still committed to their promise to cover their entire 2G footprint with LTE service by the end of this year and they’re ahead of schedule. Their LTE coverage map as of the end of this year is shown below.

T-Mobile Uncarrier 9.0 Coverage 2015

Uncarrier 9.0 was a great presentation with John Legere being his normal un-normal self. Now we are just looking forward to Uncarrier 10.

Source: CNET, PhoneScoop

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