One of the many cool innovative products which I saw earlier this month at CES Unveiled in New York was Swiftpoint GT, a unique device which incorporates touch gestures into a computer mouse.  The Swiftpoint GT has been turning some heads since it was announced. It has already won a prestigious CES Innovation Award for 2015.

The product of a New Zealand-based technology development company, Swiftpoint GT is available for preorder through its Kickstarter campaign, launched on November 11. At the halfway mark of this crowdfunding exercise, they have already reached a landmark 1,000 backers and 500% of its goal of raising $25,000. {At the time of writing of this article, it’s actually at 1,144 backers and $133,792 raised.}

Swiftpoint GT: A New Generation of Mouse

The Swiftpoint GT is billed as the first device which allows one to use touchscreen-type gestures on non-touchscreen devices.

Its features include:

  • Truly natural touch gestures using a finger and wrist action
  • Enables touch gestures with non-touch screens and without having to reach for the screen
  • Speeds up work in documents, spreadsheets, popular office and productivity applications by eliminating the dependence on scroll-bars
  • Opens up touch to Windows 7 and bridges the gap between touch and non-touch modes in Windows 8 and 10
  • Helps achieve touch gesture effects on Mac OS X, Android tablets and iPads (using a remote desktop application)
  • Small and lightweight, with a pen-like ergonomic grip comfortable for all hand sizes
  • 30-40% more efficient and accurate than a touchpad
  • Rechargeable and wireless supporting Bluetooth 4 or the supplied USB receiver

Taking Productivity To A New Level

Touchscreen devices may be extremely cool and perhaps even ideal for consuming media content. But they tend to fall short for creating and editing content. In fact, users’ performance has often been seen to drop when using touchscreens on laptops and desktops for productivity applications.

So Swiftpoint GT offers the best of both worlds. Its patented “Gesture Technology” promises to take productivity to a new level. According to Grant Odgers, CEO and Founder of Swiftpoint,

With just a swipe of the mouse using a natural finger and wrist action, you can quickly and precisely flick and pan straight to where you want to be in a long document or a wide spreadsheet. You won’t need to reach for your touch screen, or click on a scroll bar ever again. Grant Ogders, CEO and Founder, Swiftpoint

How Does The Swiftpoint GT Work?

There are, of course, other mice with touch gestures. Most of these have added a touchpad on top of a conventional mouse. Using these devices requires using a finger on the touchpad, while trying to keep the device from moving (and triggering traditional mouse movement).

The Swiftpoint GT, on the other hand, allows you to do touch gestures with natural movements of your fingers and wrist, and emulates the way you would use a touchscreen.

Take a look at it in action:

Who Is The Swiftpoint GT For?

The Swiftpoint GT is intended to make life easier for virtually all computer users, and is particularly targeted to users who:

  •  use touch-optimized operating systems
  •  do a lot of vertical or horizontal scrolling when reading documents or browsing the web
  •  use productivity applications, including Microsoft Office, where they often switch between using the mouse and the keyboard, and between scrolling and precise positioning of the cursor
  •  find touching the screen inconvenient or impractical, for example with a large monitor on a desk at some distance from the user
  •  are concerned about their health and how using a mouse may affect it
  •  travel a lot, find using touchpads difficult and need a mouse that can be used on the go
  •  use a combination of Windows, Mac and Android devices and want to use the same mouse with all of them

The device is compatible with Windows and Mac OS computers, as well as Android and iOS devices. But at this point in time, it is especially useful for Windows 8 and 10, which are loaded with touch functionality.

If you’re intrigued by the Swiftpoint GT, head over to their Kickstarter page, where you can still order one (or more) at discounted presale prices. They’ve just finished their first production run, and I’ll be looking forward to giving you a hands-on review of this exciting product as soon as one makes its way into the US.

Website: Swiftpoint GT on Kickstarter
Facebook: Swiftpoint GT

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