With Apple nipping at their heels, Spotify is offering an amazing deal to new customers. Apple seems to be preparing for a rebranded launch of the Beats Music service which was acquired last year. In addition to the anticipation of re-launch of that service, there have been some rumblings that Apple is trying to convince music labels to get rid of free streaming tiers on services such as Spotify. It’s even gotten to the point with the FTC and the DOJ have gotten involved in the matter.

Nonetheless, Spotify is standing steadfast, and is offering something great for anyone who’s on the precipice of joining the extremely popular music streaming service. For new users, or users with free accounts that have yet to try out the premium service, you can sign up for the premium service for less than a dollar. That 99 cents will get you 3 months of Spotify Premium and brings a whole slew of features that are mainly directed towards your mobile devices.

Spotify’s free service is pretty good, but if you’re using it on your mobile device, there are too many limitations that sour the experience. For example, you can’t listen to music on demand, and are only limited to shuffling playlists and having to deal with repetitive ads playing constantly. So the natural choice is to move to the Premium subscription, which is what Spotify wants.

This is too good of a deal to pass up, so be sure to jump on board and pay 99 cents for THREE MONTHS of Spotify Premium. After the three months is up, your preferred payment method will be billed at the regular monthly rate of $9.99 if you want to stick with Spotify premium.

It’s expected that some type of announcement regarding Apple’s Beats Music service will be announced at WWDC next month, so Spotify is trying to get ahead of the curve and get people to jump on their train. Hopefully, these rumors about Apple trying to lure music labels away from free streaming, are just rumors, but with Apple, anything is possible.

Let us know what you think about what’s evolving in the world around streaming services, and whether you signed up for Spotify’s killer deal or not.

Source: Spotify Premium Service Sale

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