The quest to have a mobile device charging cable on you at all times, ensuring that your latest mobile devices can be charged in a pinch, just got easier with the launch of the new Nomad ChargeKey; an affordable, super-portable Lightning-to-USB/MicroUSB-to-USB cable that performs exactly as advertised.

We’ve got a couple of them here at the TeD HQ and we actually have both of Nomad’s current products, the ChargeKey and the ChargeCard which is in the shape and size of a house key and a credit/business card, respectively. These products are so small and easily tucked away most anywhere to ensure you’ve always got a way to charge your mobile device as long as you have access to an electrical outlet.

Nomad Clip Image 1

While most of you are expecting a review of the Nomad products in this post, that isn’t the case. Instead, we’re going to bring you something a little bit different and hopefully a bit more special. But before I get to that, let me tell you about Nomad’s newest product, the one you see above, called the NomadClip.

The size and shape of a carabiner, NomadClip is perfect for urban dwellers or outdoor adventurers. It’s a small device that you can easily clip on your belt loop, backpack or something similar and not have to worry about losing or misplacing it. And as you can see by the image above, the charging port comes out of the top of the device.

Then of course you have their other products that I mentioned above, the ChargeKey and the ChargeCard. However, they have totally redesigned both products and have also changed the names of each of them to NomadKey and NomadCard. They are in the stage of manufacturing the new styles now, along with the NomadClip and expect to have them ready to ship some time in the fall. Below are a few facts about the devices.

Nomad Key Lightning Image 1

  • NomadClip, NomadKey & NomadCard are the world’s most portable cables, shaped like a carabiner, housekey & credit card respectively
  • All of these Nomad cables are MFi certified by Apple and fit all cases including LifeProof
  • Updated design with more durable materials 
  • Pre-order each cable for $29/each on 
  • Free shipping to the US, CA, UK, AUS and $5 flat rate anywhere else worldwide

Now, with all of that out of the way, let me tell you that right now you can pre-order all of the new devices from the Nomad website effective immediately. The links will be at the bottom of the post but what we have for you is a way for you to save 25% off your entire order by using a special code from our dear friends from Nomad that they have provided for us, to offer to you.

To get this special deal, all you have to do is add the devices you want to your cart from the Nomad site and then enter the code: LIVESIMPLE and you’ll save 25% off your entire order. The NomadKey and NomadCard are each $29.99 and the NomadClip is priced at $39.99. So you’ll save a good bit of money even if all you order is one device. I can tell you that the NomadCard and NomadKey that I have currently have seen quite a bit of use and I’m certainly looking forward to the new NomadClip when they become available this fall. Hopefully around September sometime according to our contact, however, that’s subject to change and could be sooner, or could be a bit later.

Website: Nomad Charging Devices

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