Well well well, it seems that despite fairly recently claiming they had no plans to return to the handset market it seems that they actually do!

Back in April when that statement was issued I was a wee bit sad about it and put together a list of all our favourite classic Nokia devices, we can take of those rose-tinted nostalgia glasses however as it seems that new Nokia mobile phones will likely be forthcoming as CEO Raveej Suri stated “Microsoft makes mobile phones. We would simply design them and then make the brand name available to license”.

Could The Nokia/Android Dream Finally Come(properly) True?

This comes at an interesting time as Microsoft have announced the loss of 7800 jobs in their mobile manufacturing division.

Nokia however look like they’re gearing up to something and as well as the CEO statement recently advertised 137 new jobs, of which many of the key positions look to be consumer facing.

Nokia XL - new Nokia mobile phones now looking likely

A statement on Nokia’s site states that “The right path back to mobile phones for Nokia is through a brand-licensing model. That means identifying a partner that can be responsible for all of the manufacturing, sales, marketing and customer support for a product”. Interesting stuff indeed. The N1 tablet recently released by the company (hurry up and release it in the UK please!!) has been picking up plaudits a-plenty so it would seem the old Nokia quality control is firmly back in place and it’s hard not to get excited by the thought of them returning – after all even recent(ish) models such as the 1020 have seen them pick up plenty of mouth-watering reviews.

Could we FINALLY see something similar to the Lumia 930 or the 1020 running Android? Fanboys around the world wait with baited breath – imagine that Lumia 930 running stock Android Lollipop…now yer talkin’.

Source: Metropolitan.fi(New Nokia Mobile Phones)

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