Moshi is a company famous for making really high quality cases (among other things) for Apple products. With today’s new iPhone announcement, Moshi is announcing three new iPhone cases for the iPhone 6S and two for the iPhone 6S Plus.

iGlaze Napa

We recently took a look at the iGlaze Napa for the LG G4 and it scored very well in our review. The Napa line features a “Vegan Leather” backing (faux leather) that looks awesome and feels great too. It sits in a shocking absorbing body but the focus is more on design here. It doesn’t add too much bulk and will make your iPhone 6S look great. The Moshi iGlaze Napa will be offered for both the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.

iGlaze Luxe

The iGlaze Luxe is a new product from Moshi. It has a metal band around the outside of the phone made from aircraft grade aluminum. The metal bumper case is designed to keep your phone safe from drops while not covering up the beautiful Apple industrial design. The iGlaze Luxe will be offered for both the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.


iGlaze Ion

The Moshi iGlaze Ion is the company’s answer to a battery case. It features a two case solution where you slip your phone into a case then slip that case into a charging case. It’s very convenient if you want to use your phone without the extra weight of the charger all the time. It combines protection, looks and battery to deliver a great case that can be everything you want it to be. The Moshi iGlaze Ion will only be offered for the iPhone 6S, not the 6S Plus.


Not only will you be able to pick up all of these on but in stores too. Moshi will be selling these new cases at select retail locations including AT&T, Sprint and Best Buy. You can check out all of these options on Moshi’s website.

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