Apple Pay has been growing pretty dominantly across the country since it’s release last fall. More and more locations who promised to join in on Apple’s fun have finally joined the ranks and updated the equipment necessary to make this a reality.

The latest news is in regards to this weekends MLB All-Star game in Cincinnati, at the Great American Ball Park. Mastercard has announced that Apple Pay will be enabled for users to take advantage of at various places around the ball park and the festivities. With the All Star Game FanFest starting today, Mastercard definitely cut the timing pretty darn close.

Regardless of that, Mastercard users are now able to use their credit/debit cards with Apple Pay no matter where they are at within the confines of Great American Ball Park.

In addition of being able to use Apple Pay with your Mastercard at the All Star Game and festivities, there is a contest that Mastercard is running as well. If you use your Mastercard with Apple Pay, at any of the variety of contact-less payment stations, you will be entered into Mastercard’s “Priceless Surprises” contest.

MasterCard cardholders who use Apple Pay at contactless merchandise and concession acceptance locations at the T-Mobile All-Star FanFest taking place July 10th through July 14th or in-stadium at Great American Ball Park from July 12th through July 14th could get a little something extra – from All-Star branded premiums, autographed memorabilia to prepaid cards and more.

This will enter customers into a giveaway where they can win a “Priceless Surprise” which could be a number of prizes. Maybe you could win some autographed All Star gear, or a trip to see your favorite team via upgraded seats. This is a big incentive for you to at least give Apple Pay a try out, if you’re at the All Star Game festivities this week.

MasterCard has also announced that Apple Pay users will also be able to take advantage of using Apple Pay to purchase regular season game tickets. You can purchase the tickets through Ballpark, which is the official ballpark ticket app for Major League Baseball.

Let us know what you think about MasterCard joining the Apple Pay parade just in time for the MLB All Star Game 2015 festivities, which begin today at Cincinnati’s Great American Ballpark.

Source: MasterCard With Apple Pay

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