Remember when we used to think about what the future would be like? I remember sitting and thinking that there would be flying cars, hoverboards, and that we would live in a Jetson world. Well the world isn’t like that…YET. Sometimes it can be easy to forget that LG makes a good living in the home appliance market. In fact, I just got done washing my extremely smelly underwear in an LG Washer-Dryer. Well at IFA 2014, they are looking to take us one step closer to Back To The Future II-type living, with the unveiling of LG Smart Home.

LG Smart Home Display

“Hey Fruit…Fruit Please!…Thank you.”

What we know so far is that LG wants to unify multiple smart home appliances into one cohesive system. They hope this will make everything we do around the house, that much easier. Using LG HomeChat, we will be able to control our smart home ecosystem, as well as energy saving modes like when we leave home or go on vacation.

LG actually gives a very specific example of how this will be accomplished. When you are about to leave on your vacation, simply type in “Leaving Home” into your mobile messenger and your specific devices will go into power saving mode. Even creepier, If you have an “LG HOM-BOT” robotic vacuum cleaner, with home chat you can enable “Home Guard” mode. Home Guard will activate your vacuum if it senses someone coming into your home while you are gone, take a picture, and send it directly to you.

LG Smart Home Ecosystem

LG Smart Home: Four Key Appliances Within Your Control

  • LG Smart Refrigerator: This refrigerator has “Smart View” which will let it’s owner be able to view the contents with their smartphones, this is good for knowing what you need to pick up from the grocery store. “Smart Power Saving Mode” which will significantly reduce energy usage when the device is not in use. The “Smart Manager” will transform your fridge into a complete food management system. If asked, your fridge will give you tasty meal recipes based on it’s contents…CREEPY.
  • LG Smart Washing Machine: “Guided Laundry” can recommend and automatically apply the optimal settings for any type of laundry situation. So if you have been having a rough day and there is blood all over your clothes, (because let’s face it, you’ve had a rough day) simply type “Remove Blood Stains” in your HomeChat to have your washer initiate optimal blood cleaning settings.
  • LG Smart HOM-BOT Square: While we already discussed “Home Guard“, another stand out feature is “Home View” which lets users control their vacuum from anywhere using their smartphone. “Cleaning History” will let users monitor the vacuum’s performance.
  • LG Smart Lightwave Oven: Owners will have the ability to ask their oven to give them recipe suggestions using “HomeChat” and “Recipe Search.”  When the user selects their dish of choice, the LG Smart Oven will begin to set the appropriate temperature and cooking time for that specific dish. Users can also check the status of their cooking, using their smartphones.

While this is the beginning, it is actually a big step forward in moving more advanced technology into our homes besides personal computers and smartphones. Another important fact in this reveal is that LG uses open source software. LG Smart Home is compatible with existing open platform smart home systems. This applies to other appliances produced by other manufactures that utilize open protocols like “AllJoyn” by Allseen Alliance.

Source: LG Smart Home Reveal

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