Lenovo has revealed a new smartglasses prototype, the Lenovo C1, in China which is a Google Glass rival to boost-launch its NBD platform for the smart home and Internet of Things.

The Internet Of Things And NBD

The Internet Of Things aims to connect our day-to-day use devices to the internet, and ultimately to your remote (Smartphone) to make things easier. It paves way for more inter-connected devices and smart homes, so that you could control your lights, fridge or air purifier with an app.

Many companies are making different devices that connect to the internet, but none of them work together. Lenovo aims to get rid of this limitation by introducing this platform. The NBD, which translates to ‘New Bench’, is a platform that was launched by Lenovo, with an aim to encouraging other companies that make up the Internet Of Things in the area of Hardware – like Air purifiers, Wearables, etc. The NBD Site also displays a router.

The Device

Lenovo C1

Lenovo C1

There are only very scarce details about the C1 at this stage. Lenovo says that it will reveal the specific details in the near future. However, we have a list of specs that are currently being used on the prototypes. The C1 resembles the Google Glass according to the PC World’s post.

Other hardware is said to include a 5-megapixel camera, voice recognition, gesture control, a touchpad, WiFi,  Bluetooth, and around 12GB of onboard storage which syncs to Lenovo’s cloud storage. However, these specs tend to change anytime before the specific announcement date.

“We hope to use Lenovo’s advantages to combine with innovators, this platform can help them quickly start selling products, and create a supply chain for the market.”Jean Alesi, Pirelli consultant

Lenovo has decided to make their products available in China first. It took a similar approach with TVs, tablets and PCs. This platform could be interesting, if manufacturers could make some pretty interesting hardware using it. It would be great to connect your smartphone with your eyeware, fridge, lamps and air purifiers at the same time.

Website: NBD
Website: Lenovo

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