For any of us who are on the go we’re always looking for the right bag to carry around for our mobile products and many other items we need to have on our person. Vesatri is just wrapping up their IndieGoGo project in a matter of a few hours in which they have raised $20,947 out of their $20,000 goal. That means the project is indeed funded and will be going public. So what is the Vesatri bad you ask and why is it so different from any other duffel bag or laptop style bag or any of the others? Let me break it down quickly for you.

The Vesatri duffel bag, made out of Canvas, is more durable for everyday use compared to traditional leather luxury items. It is also lighter than the leather equivalent bags. This bag can be used everyday, for both causal and formal settings, saving the hassle of switching between bags. It requires much less care than the pure leather luxury counterparts with the same  aesthetic, durability, functionality and portability features. The Vesatri also comes with an iPhone sleeve that is a stylish, functional accessory that holds your iPhone within the bag as well as protects it from damage. The iPhone sleeve is made of leather and is a wallet style sleeve for your device. The Vesatri duffel bag and is made from a single continuous piece of leather.  It attaches to your phone with a powerful suction force and features a speaker slit to allow for conversations with the cover closed.

For me personally this looks like a very interesting duffel bag with lots of great options. You can see some of those options in the image below that the Vesatri includes such as water repellent protection, magnetic front flap, high quality leather trims, front pouch with organizer and many other great features.

Vesatri Bag Image 5

As stated above the Vesatri is just about to wrap up its IndieGoGo campaign just shortly after this article publishes so you still have a few hours to back the project. Shipping should start around October – December 2017 if things go as planned by the company. That’s only a couple of months away which is not something you always experience when it comes to backing a campaign like this on IndieGoGo or KickStarter.

If you’re in the market for a Vesatri bag you can get you by backing the project at the current price of $199. Once they go public they will cost you upwards of $369. The iPhone sleeve you can also get if you are interested in just that piece for $49 currently compared to around $82 when it’s available to the public.

Don’t delay if you’re interested in this Vesatri bag. As I stated time is running out quickly. One thing to note is that we have been told that we will be getting a review unit in the coming weeks or so and we’ll be able to give you a hands on with this exceptional looking leather travel bag and iPhone sleeve. So stay tuned to that in case you choose not to back the project now and decide to hold out until it’s available to the public.

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