HTC has just unveiled the RE: a waterproof GoPro/Flip Camera hybrid touting a 146-degree wide-angle lens. The friendly design looks to bring an external camera solution to the masses after years of focusing on (unintentional pun) smartphone camera experiences. RE allows you to capture moments without anything getting in the way; designed for simplistic one-handed use.

The RE is always running; it turns on as soon as you grab it and takes 16mp photos with a simple tap. The camera also shoots HD video in 1080p resolution with a single long-press. The RE’s wide-angle lens attempts to capture as much of the scene as possible, so you can focus on the experience at hand rather than lining up the perfect shot. Videos and images captured using the RE will appear on your smartphone after installing the RE app via Google Play or the iOS App Store. Photos and videos can be automatically uploaded to the cloud providing a PC-free experience for syncing and accessing your media.

One of the more compelling features HTC’s RE will be supporting in the coming months is its live broadcasting functionality. The live broadcasting will be hosted in collaboration with YouTube; which shows the level of support and investment this device will receive from third parties. Broadcasting live anytime and anyplace will be soon be something simple and intuitive for the average consumer. With a design that is waterproof out of the box, and an SDK for third-party developers to integrate RE’s photos and videos with their apps; the RE seems to be aligned for success out of the gate.

Check out HTC’s official product video: 

RE will be widely available in four colours: White, Teal, Orange, and Navy Blue. The device can be purchased via RE Camera in addition to Best Buy, Amazon, AT&T, and Verizon in time for the holidays. An interactive, 360-degree view of the new RE camera can be found here. The catch, as with most devices that have Blue as a color option nowadays, is that this version is ONLY available at Best Buy locations.

Does HTC’s new RE camera stand a chance against the new GoPro line-up, favoured by five-time Emmy award winner Mark Burnett for filming new angles in the TV series Survivor? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. For news and reviews covering other HTC products, be sure to check out TechDissected’s prior articles.

Source: HTC RE Page

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