Founded in 2009, the Brainly Group aimed to help kids with homework via the internet. And so they created Brainly, a social media website to help students of elementary, middle and high schools with their homework. It has certainly taken off as the site claims a registered 26 million users.


Brainly was originally created in Poland, and reached its first milestone of 1 million unique visitors in a mere six months time. Since then, they’ve launched multiple websites dedicated to students homework problems in 30 unique locales featuring Russia, Spain, the US, Indonesia and Italy to name a few. Their push to make the sites more locale based is evident by the different sites in multiple languages. This is quite helpful, as it keeps the answers in the language native to that area. In addition, it creates a community of learning that is easy to ask questions and provide answers.

They’ve created a social environment that is also fun, as the site is “gamified” as they call it, where you can spend points to ask questions and gain points by offering well thought answers to other student’s questions. This is all moderated by a group of students, parents and teachers; 330 of them to be exact. They are very involved in the community and the company relies heavily on their help.

We believe that people can perform better when they are working together. Therefore, we are more than happy to know that those young people want to contribute and help us make their learning environment better.Michał Borkowski, CEO Brainly Group

Entering India

Brainly recently made the entrance into India via and aims yet again to provide educational services to all in need. This moves them one step closer to providing assistance with homework and in-class questions to more students throughout the world. The folks behind the network believe that education opportunity should be available to all students, and this is their way of providing it. Homeschooling is still seen as a “western style” of teaching, where something like Brainly is the new age of creative learning and is being accepted quickly.

Brainly On Mobile

And if it weren’t enough with the website, Brainly also has Android and iOS apps available. There are multiple apps available depending on the country you reside in, so you would need to select the developer and check all the versions available. From the apps you can ask and answer questions, as you would from the web. This is all done from a slick UI which is fun and bright and easy to use.

Brainly_iphone Brainly_iphone_secondary


As a free to use service, Brainly seems like a “no-brainer.” For students that can’t get the help they need at home or from their immediate support groups, Brainly is an excellent substitute. And, by creating a points system, they’ve created a community that rewards answers and questions alike.

The added features of the app, so you can use the service on the go is quite nice. This is something I would have certainly used when I was in school as I enjoy sharing information, and learning new things! If you are a student in elementary, middle or high school, or are a parent, you should certainly review the site and how it works, as it is a great tool to have in your arsenal.

Website: Brainly Website
iPhone App: Brainly iPhone App
Android App: Brainly Android App

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