Google is on a mission to make you more productive and put your important emails in front of you faster. Their new email app, Inbox by Gmail, is still in beta but receiving rave reviews. I just got an invite today and have been enjoying its new clean look and sorting options. I feel like it’s something that could keep my life sorted a little easier. You can add reminders at the top and keep things like purchases, tracking numbers and flight information pinned in an area that makes it easy to get to and accessible quickly.

Now Google is letting people have the chance to get in on the fun. During #InboxHappyHour, which is from 6 – 7 PM eastern today, November 5th you can send an email to asking to be added to the beta. You’ll get a response letting you know if you’re in by 8 PM eastern. Normally you’d have to request a beta invite on and wait. I waited about two weeks for my invite so being able to jump at this chance will speed up the process considerably for most people.


Inbox by Gmail

If you want to get in on the action, this seems to be the path of least resistance. This is being called one of the bigger upgrades to gmail since it launched into beta 10 years ago. It’s fresh material design and sorting options just make life easier. No more being buried under hundreds of new emails, trying to pick out the important information you need. Google is on a mission to make your data work for you whether that’s having your boarding pass show up on your Google Wear smart watch or showing the tracking information for that new case you bought for your shiny new Nexus 6 at the top of your app for quick reference. No more digging through hundreds of emails just to find an order confirmation number. Google does this for you.

Let us know in the comments section what you think about the new app. Will it replace the gmail app for you? Is it too big of a change?

Website: Inbox By Google
Source: Inbox By Google

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