Update: According to Gizmodo, this all is indeed a sham. Shame on me for not doing my research. In any case, I encourage you to learn more about it over there. 

If you’re an average person, you probably do laundry once a week. That includes two loads; darks and lights, and for some people, delicates. Let’s pretend that you do two loads a week. An average bottle of laundry detergent contains 100 fl oz (2.96 L) and costs about $10. That bottle of detergent is meant to be used for 64 loads* of laundry, so in theory it will last you about 32 weeks. Break that down, and it costs you about $0.31 per week. That doesn’t sound too terrible, but what if you could knock that down to $0.12 per week and save the environment in the process? What if it also had a companion app that told you when your laundry was done? Crystal Wash 2.0 is slated to be just that, and this is your last chance to get your hands on it early.

Crystal Wash Premise

Crystal Wash promises 1000 loads of laundry that will clean your clothes just as well or better than detergent for a fraction of the cost, while also saving the environment. According to them, the secret is in their “bioceramics,” which change the pH of the water while you’re washing your clothes and get the stains out without the need for chemicals. In the second version of their product, Crystal Wash is introducing Bluetooth connectivity, along with all of the necessary measuring instruments to make it even better. Crystal Wash 2.0 will report pH levels, laundry finish alerts, cycle tracking, and savings tracking from a companion app on your phone. In my mind it’s pretty much witchcraft (and it is), but they explain it pretty well in their promo video.

Crystal Wash 2.0 is going to retail for $59 and at this point in the Kickstarter campaign, the retail value of the device is all that’s left. Your benefit is to get your hands on it before anyone else (free shipping) and a personal ‘Thank you’ on their website. Crystal Wash 2.0 should ship out to backers in November of this year, so don’t hold your breath, but it certainly helps that Crystal Wash has been making the “non-smart” version of the product already, and is just reaching out to the world for some help with the next revision. If this sounds like something that you’d like to get behind, quickly head over to the Kickstarter and pledge your money before the campaign ends on Friday (March 13th) at 9PM EDT.

Source: Kickstarter, Gizmodo
Website: Crystal Wash – Original

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