We’re always looking for better ways to charge our mobile devices and over the past couple of years we were introduced to Qi Wireless charging. However, that forced us to leave our device on a stand or a charging pad or something while it was charging. Not very efficient to be honest. Today we bring you something new, something better, something that we all will probably want, right now. It’s called WattUp by Energous and it allows you to charge your device without any kinds of wires, no stands, no pads or anything else. All you have to do is be within a 30 foot range and your device will charge.

The need for wires, charging pads, charging docks and stands might be going away soon if WattUp by Energous catches on and really works as it’s described and promised. It also appears to be compatible with most any device without any special equipment, special hardware or software integrated into the phone or anything like that will certainly make it that much more worth it. And all you have to do is be within a 30 foot range for it to work which shouldn’t be a problem for most of us at any given moment with as much as we as humans keep our mobile devices glued to our body.

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Charges Any Battery-Operated Device That Requires Less Than 10 Watts

WattUp wire-free charging works with a wide variety of electronic devices such as cell phones, tablets, wearables, cameras, wireless keyboards and mice, headsets, sensors, LED lights, remote controls and toys; in essence any battery-powered device in your home or office.

Works Like Wi-Fi

WattUp transmitter, or Power Router, sends energy via a radio frequency (RF) signal to your WattUp-enabled electronic devices when requested. A WattUp receiver in each device converts that signal into battery power.

The entire system is software controlled, so it’s intelligent and customizable to your needs and environment. And, because it’s designed to work invisibly in the background, WattUp makes low battery anxiety a thing of the past.

How Does It Work?

A Radio Frequency (RF) system, similar to a Wi-Fi system, delivers safe wire-free charging energy at a distance of up to 5m (15ft) from a transmitter to a receiver device, such as a mobile phone, and maintains charging while the receiver is in motion.  12 receiver devices can be managed by the system simultaneously.

The Hardware

Highly targeted and dynamic pockets of energy are delivered via multiple miniature antenna arrays and custom control chips in the transmitter, or Power Router.  Highly efficient energy harvesting of the micro energy beams from these pockets then takes place via paired antenna arrays and custom chips in the receiver devices.

The Software

The WattUp software system ensures that the charging waveforms are dynamically directed, focused and controlled via proprietary algorithms.  Charging and communication between transmitters and receivers is intelligently managed using Bluetooth Low Energy and enterprise-class wireless networking protocols.

WattUp by Energous certainly sounds like a very promising product that will allow us to break free from the wires and various things like that for us to charge our mobile devices while we’re sitting around at the office working, laying around the house watching TV or most anything similar.

As of right now there’s no release date or pricing available, however you can get complete information by clicking the link below to their website to read more about how it all works. As more information is revealed we will certainly keep you updated here at TechDissected on what appears to be something we all need in a charging device.

Source: WattUp By Energous

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