Though T-Mobile is saving their customers from international roaming charges when they travel abroad, there is a 3rd party company dedicated to helping you combat the roaming charges; they call themselves Know Roaming. Their product and what it does is quite impressive, and while we saw them in Eureka Park at CES, they seem pretty well put together already. Let’s go over what they offer and how it works.


The Know Roaming SIM

Know Roaming only works with an unlocked device (SIM unlocked that is). The provided sticker is placed over the contacts on your existing SIM. When in your home location on your home network, the Know Roaming SIM becomes dormant, waiting until you are back in international waters. Once that happens, Know Roaming takes over, and uses its SIM info to connect to the roaming network. Know Roaming also has an app that you can use to add funds to your SIM while roaming.

The Know Roaming Plans

Know Roaming offers a pay-as-you-go, and an unlimited package. What you choose depends on what country you go to as well as how long you’ll be there. The unlimited plan can only be used in certain countries, most of them being in Europe. The pay-as-you-go plan can be used in more countries, and is much more effective if you aren’t staying for a long time.

The unlimited plan is normally $11.99 per month, reduced to $7.99 at the writing of this article. In addition, if you sign up now at their website, you’ll be eligible for a $10 credit. This can be used for credit on the pay-as-you-go as well as towards your per month on the unlimited.

know roaming sim 2

The Know Roaming App

The app is comprehensive and allows you to see your usage while roaming, as well as add funds to your account. It has the capability to receive all your calls using ReachMe and you can subscribe to foreign numbers to have a local number for your contacts after you leave the country.

know roaming sim close

If you travel abroad a lot, Know Roaming is a no-brainer. Not only is it good for small companies, they offer the service for corporate customers as well, giving them a central interface to control all their SIMs from one location. They’ve made roaming not so scary anymore. Again, some countries are not available, but there are a lot on the list that are. Though I have a T-Mobile phone, I remember traveling to Canada and really freaking out when I couldn’t have data on because I was afraid of the $7.99 per 50MB charge on my bill from Verizon. This makes it easy for anyone with an unlocked GSM phone to travel without worry. I suggest if you travel to give their service a look!

Website: Know Roaming Service

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