CES 2015 is upon us. We visited a few press conferences for press day, and we’d like to share with you what we found yesterday.

LG Electronics

LG 4KHDTV pressday

First on our docket was LG. They brought their A game right at 8 am PST. They have announced the first 4K OLED HDTV available to market. They aim to make OLED a household name, claiming that the new technology they’ve implemented provides pure black, which was previously impossible on OLED.

LG Washer press day


Next up were the appliances. And LG didn’t let us down with two new items here. One being a mini washer in the pedestal of the LG washing machine. This allows for washing two loads at once; like a small load of delicates and a large load of sheets. Additionally, they announced a new double inside door refrigerator to follow up last year’s single door model.

G Flex2 press day editAnd of course, the continuation of the LG G Flex was announced, as the LG G Flex2. It is sporting a Full HD screen now at 1080P, and the first announced Qualcomm Snapdragon octa core processor. With a self healing back, measured in seconds to repair, as well as the laser autofocus, and OIS+ camera, makes the G Flex2 a real innovation in the mobile phone space.


H9700 press day edit

TCL is a company we’d not actually heard much of before this, however they are working with QD Vision to bring Quantum Dot color to their newly announced H9700 4K HDTV. This allows the TV to produce 110% of the color gamut, where before, the color gamut on most HDTV’s were around 40-60%. Quantum Dot color is quite an advancement in the HDTV market, and we look forward to see what TCL brings this year.

They also announced they are still working with Roku on the next Roku TV which will have an updated UI and be able to stream 4K content to the TV using the Roku service.


samsung ssd t1

Samsung’s interest for this presser was IoT or the Internet of Things. They talked about their purchase of SmartThings and how it would help them own the home. Milk Video will be available on their HDTV’s which, after creating what they call a UHD Alliance, will support Super Ultra High Definition (SUHD).

They created a new line of Chef’s Collection appliances, one of which includes an electric top with LED’s in the glass to make an example of how hot the pot is by lighting the side of it; mimicking what a gas burner would do.

They have realized how expensive bandwidth is and have announced the SSD T1 which is a fast portable SSD, available for users of both Mac and PC’s to carry their portfolios with them without sacrificing their computers HDD.

They also have built the Samsung Audio Lab to bring the consumer more full and dynamic sound in their products. Milk Audio will be included in all of these new products, some of which allow the user to have different sound in every room in the house, all by using one app to control the speakers.


e-Golf CES

Volkswagen have announced their commitment to the driving experience, both with the e-Golf announced earlier in 2014 and now the revolutionary Golf R Touch.

Golf R Touch CES

The Golf R Touch contains 3 touch screens in the dash, all of which have haptic feedback to let the user know a setting was changed without having to look down to be sure. Also, they are working on gesture controls where you don’t have to touch the screen at all to change things like screen brightness, or audio volume.

It was a busy press day and we are rested up and looking forward to day two. Be sure to follow us on Google Plus and/or Facebook for more updates as we plug along here in Las Vegas!

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