As many of you know I was in Las Vegas for CES 2015 this past week and as you can imagine, I saw all sorts of various things. Things that were really awesome, things that were kind of interesting and things that I really didn’t have much interest in at all. Of all the things I saw that really awesome is a product from Polaroid called the Polaroid Zip Mobile Printer.

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There’s one thing that we as humans really love to save and cherish over the years and that’s memories. Especially in the form of pictures of those that we love and enjoy such as our friends and family or just things that we’ve captured with a camera over the years. We’ve scanned them with a scanner, saved them to our computers or even saved them to the cloud. Some of us want to print those photos to have an actual hard copy on hand.

With today’s smartphones and all of their capabilities in the mobile photography scene, we should have that option in a quick and easy app or piece of hardware. Unfortunately there’s not really much out there until now. The device I’m referring to is Polaroid’s little device that’s about the size of most portable battery chargers called the Polaroid Zip Mobile Printer.

Weighing in at 1.86 grams and measuring a mere 2.91 x 4.72 inches, it’s roughly the size if your average smartphone, embellished with single power button and a high-gloss finish bearing the colorful Polaroid logo.

Once you pair the wireless device with your iOS or Android smartphone via Bluetooth or NFC, the Polaroid photo app allows you to apply all sorts of filters, effects, and various other things to make your photo look how you want it to look. The integrated tools are basic but welcome, ranging from those for adjusting the contrast and saturation to applying frames and so much more. Not much more difficult than using the editing tools provided with the Google Camera app that a big majority of us use today.

When you’re finished with your edits, the Polaroid Zip Mobile Printer allows you to create 2-inch x 3-inch color photos in just under a minute with the help of Polaroid’s zero-ink(ZINK) technology. The printing process relies on an advanced composite material embedded with cyan, yellow, and magenta dye crystals, each of which starts off colorless until activated with heat exposure. A pretty neat and interesting piece of technology that we are likely to see more of in the near future.

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The Polaroid Zip Mobile Printer is charged via a microUSB cable just like most all Android phones so there’s no need for us looking all around for some special cable. Once fully charged, the Polaroid Zip can print up to 25 photos in a single charge before you will need to place it back on the charger.

Once the photos are printed, you can place them in your wallet or somewhere similar, or you can even stick them to your refrigerator, school notebook or whatever due to the fact that they have an adhesive back on them. Something the younger generation will certainly enjoy quite a bit.

Another good and practical use for the Polariod Zip would be to print business cards, as the paper size is just perfect for such thing.

Toss in the fact that as mentioned above the Polaroid Zip Mobile Printer is about the size of most portable battery chargers today, so it’s very portable. You can toss it in your purse, backpack or even in your back pocket and have it whenever you want to print a quick photo to show off to your friends.

Currently the Polaroid Zip Mobile Printer isn’t available for purchase by the public, but it will be some time around the beginning of spring with a price tag of only $130.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled to TechDissected as Polaroid has promised us a review unit and we will certainly be showing it off and giving you the complete run down on it then.

Product: Polaroid Zip Mobile Printer

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  • One market I would expect this to be targeted to is scrapbookers. There is a movement with in it called Project Life and other similar ones that uses 2×3’s a lot.

    • You are correct. This is definitely something that scrapbookers would find of huge interest I believe. Even more so if/when Polaroid comes out with more sizes, or bigger sizes that they can cut down and cut shapes out of or whatever.

  • You´ve forgot to mention how many photo´s it can make in the batterytime and the cost.