Today is press day at CES 2015 and we already have some news from Sin City. Nuvyyo is announcing a myriad of new products to follow their success with the original Tablo HDTV DVR. Tablo METRO has been designed to combine the function of their 2-tuner DVR and an OTA HDTV Antenna to make the user experience a little easier since it will require a lot less set up and concern for compatibility. This way, Nuvyyo believes, consumers will feel more confident about ditching their cable service since the entire package will be in one small box.

In North America, most city dwellers have access to an incredible range of free Over-the-Air television programming but may be hesitant to cut the cord because of the mistaken belief that OTA antennas have to be roof mounted. Tablo METRO was designed with this market in mind, combining our Whole-Home DVR technology with high quality indoor antennas for a plug-and-play experience in a small form factor.Grant Hall, CEO of Nuvyyo

Starting today, Tablo METRO is available for pre-order directly from for $249 US/279 CAD and it is anticipated to ship in March. This indoor antenna technology is made available thanks to dual patent-pending fractal antennas, which are supposed to be able to pick up a signal in a 25-mile radius from the device. Tablo is also making this technology available to users who already have a Tablo unit or just want to use it for their existing HDTV set up starting at $39.99 US/44.99 CAD.

New Tablo Apps In 2015

In addition to the upgraded unit, Tablo is going to be shipping apps for Amazon Fire TV and Android TV starting early this year. In addition, they will be providing an upgraded public Roku channel for a better viewing experience as opposed to their current private channel. They describe it in their press release below:

Tablo’s new Roku channel interface is custom-designed to have the same beautiful Netflix-style look and feel as its mobile and web apps, including an all-new live TV grid guide. As always, Tablo customers will be able to discover, record and stream content from their Tablo OTA DVR via Roku, however users will now also enjoy streamlined menu options, and overall speed improvements.Nuvyyo

Tablo at CES

I will be meeting with folks from Nuvyyo this week to take a look at the new Tablo METRO in person and find out more about their plans for this year. Hopefully I will be able to get my hands on a Tablo METRO later this year as well to fully dissect the new device and let you know how it performs in the real world.

Source: Nuvyyo

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