Bestek is a company that just recently got in touch with me about reviewing some of their products. The first and currently only product I’ve reviewed from them so far is the Bestek eight outlet power supply with four USB ports that was published a few weeks ago. I’ve got another couple of their products lined up to review that I won’t mention yet, but will tell you that just after a few hours with them they are fantastic. What I’m here to tell you about today is that Bestek has been in business for 10 years now and they are having a celebration.

Bestek 10th Anniversary Sale Image 1

A celebration in the form of sales and giveaway’s during the next 11 days. The sales/giveaway’s start today, April 19th and will end on April 30th. As far a complete list of products that are on sale or that will be given away, we don’t have that. But we can give you a few things on the list and the rest you’ll have to stay tuned to the Bestek site each and every day to find out what goodies are available that day.

As you can see by the image below, it appears that there is at least a 300W power inverter being given away. But it’s not just one, there appears to be quite a few of them being given away at a retail value of $24.99 each. While it might not be something for everyone, there are going to be quite a few people who want one of these little bad boys and what better way to get it than to get it for free.

During this 10 year celebration by Bestek, there are going to be some amazing deals on various Bestek products across the board, such as 67% off of a cigarette lighter/charger for your car, 62% off 4 USB port power adapter, 56% off a camera bag and much, much more. There are various ways you can get entered to win the products such as sharing to your Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram and more.

Bestek 10th Anniversary Sale Image 2

As stated, this celebration event starts today and will end on April 30th. All entries will be tallied up and then random winners will be selected and announced on May 3rd via their site, email, social media or something similar. Best to stay tuned to all of their networks so you don’t miss out on the announcements.

Also stay tuned to TechDissected over the next week or so as I will have another product to talk about that Bestek has sent me as I mentioned above. I’m not giving any clues yet to what it is so you’ll have to wait and see what awesome product I’m reviewing of theirs next.

Below is a link to the actual contest/giveaway page where you can do all sorts of things to get entered to win all of the various prizes that Bestek is giving away. Click those buttons, get your name entered and GOOD LUCK!

Bestek 10th Anniversary Contest Link

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