After being available for Android earlier this year, Amazon has released the app for its Cloud Drive storage service for iOS. The app was released sometime over the weekend, and lets you finally access all of your stored files.

Amazon has slowly started turning its Cloud Drive service into a Dropbox and Google Drive competitor, and with the release of this app, finally allows users to access their files. There are already desktop applications that are available for download on both PC and Mac, but it wasn’t until recently that Amazon brought Cloud Drive accessibility to mobile devices.

The Cloud Drive app offers users a quick and easy way to access your Music, Pictures, Uploads, Videos, and documents that have been designated to be sent to the Kindle of your choice.

If you haven’t already heard, the Amazon Cloud Drive is trying to really reign in the customers in terms of its’ pricing. There are two different plans for users to choose from.

The Unlimited Photos plan, allows you to save any of your photos without any type of hit for a storage limit. The limit comes in if you are trying to save anything other than photos, then you are limited to 5GB of storage. This portion of Amazon’s Cloud Drive offers a 3-month free trial, and is only $11.99 for the whole year.

The Unlimited Everything plan, gives you what the title says. This is what Amazon’s Cloud Drive Unlimited Everything plan has to offer:

  • Store an unlimited number of your family photos
  • Keep videos of friends and family safe and secure
  • Store an unlimited number of files and documents
  • Uploading is easy, and access is just a click away from almost any device

The Unlimited Everything plan costs only $59.99 per year, with a free 3-month trial.

If you compare these prices to the likes of Dropbox Pro, you are saving a boat load of money and get more storage. Now, with DropBox Pro, you can pay $9.99 a month or $99 a year and get 1 TB of space. But to have unlimited storage, that may just be something that can’t be passed up. Especially when you’re saving $30 a year, AND get a free 3-month trial with Amazon’s Cloud Drive.

Let us know what you think about Amazon’s Cloud Drive services and whether you have considered switching from your current cloud service provider in the comments below.

Website: Amazon Cloud Drive Services

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