Things are getting pretty competitive today when it comes to companies trying to sell video games. I’m referring to companies such as Best Buy, GameStop, Amazon and others. It’s no surprise that all sorts of companies want to be the one where you purchase your video games from. Amazon Prime made it a thing that if you pre-ordered a game and you were a Prime member then you could get it delivered the day of release for no extra charge, other than being a Prime member.

Today, Amazon is upping that just slightly. If you are a Prime member, then you can pre-order any video game and instantly save 20% off of the purchase price. That’s a dang good deal since most video games average about $59.99 for the standard versions when they are first released. So you’re basically saving yourself $12.00 right from the get go. That’s a pretty decent little savings. However, there’s even more that they are doing. Not only can you pre-order games and save yourself 20%, but you can also save that same 20% if you purchase any new game within 14 days of the release date. Again, you get this deal for simply being an Amazon Prime member.

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There are a couple downsides to this, though they shouldn’t be too big of a deal to most of us. One is that the pre-order has to be shipped and sold by Amazon, which makes perfect sense as that’s the way most Prime deals work when it comes to video games. The other is that this discount only applies to physical copies, not downloadable titles or digital codes that you redeem. This’ll likely not be a problem for most console players, but getting physical PC games is a rarity these days as most everyone downloads their PC games from one source or another.

For me personally, this is pretty huge news simply because I like to play a lot of video games and am often interested in a lot of new games that are coming out or have just been released. This means that I can look at getting all of my new games for under $50 on most occasions which is helpful. Though because of this deal, this means Amazon will probably be getting more of my money. So yeah, thanks Amazon, just take all the monies!

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