T-Mobiles’ CEO John Legere must not sleep. The company has been working overtime to change the face of the American mobile carrier market on many fronts. One of those fronts is with their free music streaming service called Music Freedom. The program is designed for music lovers and provides free streaming on their network with a load of music services from Pandora to Google Play Music to Songza to Rdio and lots more. The bits used to listen to all that music does not count against their data plans which is unique among the other carriers.

T-Mobile Music Freedom Adding Apple Music

In an announcement posted on Tuesday, Legere announces that he has brought in Apple Music into the fold. Apple Music, formerly known as Beats is a recent addition to iOS bringing Music Match, existing iTunes libraries and tons of streaming music choices to the Apple (and some Android) faithful. In the announcement, Legere said he heard his customers, “Apple Music counts for a full 80% of the requests coming in via Twitter…”. Clearly an easy choice was made to add Apple Music to Music Freedom.

Jump Expanding For iPhone

In a second part to the announcement, T-Mobile has announced enhancements to their Jump program. In an attempt to portrait his carrier as Apple’s number one fan, the un-carrier will be providing the ability for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ customers to make the switch to the imminent iPhone 6S without extra cost.

T-Mobile Music Freedom

They’re even going to throw in priority shipping within the first 48 hours of the next iPhone announcement as further incentive for their more impulsive customers to take that next step. In the press release, Legere states,

To top it all off, I’m also announcing that we’re giving everyone who gets a new iPhone 6 with JUMP! On Demand something additional — exclusive priority access to the next iPhone. That’s right. If there’s a new iPhone this year, you’re first in line. When you order your upgrade during the first 48 hours it’s available, we’ll give your order priority and ship it first, along with others who qualify for priority access. So you’ll be among the very first to get your brand new phone when we have inventory.

With these moves, it becomes more compelling than ever for any true iPhone fan to be that first person to get that next iPhone when it comes out. T-Mobile has come a long way from being the last US carrier to be able to carry the iPhone to now being on the forefront for anyone who wants that next phone first. We’re sure we have not heard the last from the un-carrier with more announcements sure to come later on this summer.

Source: T-Mobile

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