I love gadgets, this latest offering from LG, the LG Rolly Keyboard is really going to let me scratch that itch. First of all, it’s not really a “rolled up” keyboard, like the name would seem to imply. It’s really more of a “Foldey”, but that’s not very fun to say, is it? You see, the Rolly folds up it’s four rows of keys around a center “core” of electronics and batteries (more on those later). There are decent strength magnets on the outside that hold it together, around that core (more on these later as well). LG has rolled this out (pun intended) this past month and can be found on Amazon for $119.00. That’s a pretty high-end price for this keyboard, is it good enough to pay that much for? That’s going to depend on what you want to do with it. Let’s get in to some of the features, so you can make the determination.

The Rolly Keyboard is powered by a single AAA battery. It makes use or two Bluetooth 3.0 channels to pair to two separate devices. It’s been designed to offer a satisfying tactile feedback that you don’t often find on flexible silicone keyboards. You’ll find that it’s compatible with iOS, AndroidTM, and Windows® devices. The unique, easy-to-carry keyboard quickly unrolls for anytime use and rolls up for anywhere portability.  Now that’s pretty much straight from the Amazon description. However, let’s look at some of these features a bit closer. The AAA battery is said to give up to 3 months of “normal use”. It’s using Bluetooth 3.0 so the energy consumption is managed quite well. Speaking of the Bluetooth 3.0 features, it’s got two channels. This allows the keyboard to be simultaneously sync’d up with two devices. Ideally, you’re working on a tablet and get a text message, you can press a button, switch to your phone and respond from the keyboard. Pretty cool. There are two supports that you pull out of the main electronic housing that act as stabilizers for a tablet or phone the you prop up on the keyboard. The keys themselves are 17mm, just 1mm less that a standard 18mm keyboard. Now, some reports have said this is still a challenging keyboard to type on. The difference doesn’t seem like much, but it’s enough to notice when you’re typing. Other’s don’t seem to experience the same…let’s call it “learning curve” and very much enjoy typing on this keyboard. I haven’t got my hands on one yet, so I’m not sure, yet. Since it’s compatible with just about every mobile OS anyone cares about, sorry Ubuntu, you’re not there yet, it’s sure to fit in with whatever devices you have. When it’s all rolled up, it’s about 10″ long (just leave it alone) and can easily fit in any bag or carrying case for your tablet. That’s wonderfully portable.

It was released in September in the States. It seems to have just been released in Korea and other Asian countries this month. I little early for Christmas, perhaps just in time for some really great Black Friday deals. That’s probably what I’m going to be looking for. I do like the idea of this keyboard but I use a MacBook Air most of the time and it’s quite portable for me. My kids are getting iPad’s from school and this could be just the ticket for them to use the iPad to it’s fullest potential. Perhaps this can be a high-end stocking stuffer…only Santa knows!

Source: Engaget
Source: Android Central

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