With the release of Timberman By Digital Melody, I can’t help but think of Flappy Bird. Many of you have heard of Flappy Bird before. If you haven’t heard of Flappy Bird, then you are either living under a rock or you actually have a life. We at TechDissected do not, in any circumstance, have a life – So we know all about Flappy Bird. The game was developed by .GEARS Studios and it quickly became one of the fastest downloaded games in history (I made that stat up, although it is probably accurate). The developer of Flappy Bird pulled the game because it was causing everyone to curse at their mother. At this point, who needs Flappy Bird?! Not us! We have a new guy in town.

Timberman By Digital Melody Title

This new guy is reminiscent of our very own Alvie Rodgers, so I’m not complaining. His name is Timberman and he will chop your trees down as fast as possible without breaking an 8-bit sweat. The game was recently released for Windows Phone, so I wanted to have a look-see at how it feels to play it on the OS. I have played Timberman on Android, so I was curious to see if the experience was any different.

In case this is your first time hearing about the game, the concept is simple. Tapping on the screen makes Timberman start to chop down the never-ending tree. Tapping on the left side of the screen will move him to the left, tapping on the right will move him to the right. It is important to move him from side to side because if Timberman hits a branch, the game is over.

While you are chopping away, you will notice a red bar across your screen that depletes at a rapid rate. In order to keep the bar (or meter if that helps you) from depleting, you need to keep chopping the tree without hitting any branches. Each time you chop, the meter will go up slightly and I mean…slightly. Each time you tap, you earn a point. Very simple and a very fun way to pass the time. The game is quick to start and quick to end, so you won’t be worrying about pausing or quitting.

Timberman By Digital Melody Characters

This game does have some perks and goals along the way. Reaching high scores will unlock other characters to use instead of the Alvie look-a-like. Some of these characters are very entertaining, such as: The President, Bulk (a Hulk like character), Timbergirl, Lazy Bird (Which is a Bird Similar to Flappy Bird) and Jason from Friday The Thirteenth. To unlock Jason right away, there will be a Facebook “Like” button for you to like their profile. Adding additional characters gives some flare to this game, and gives users a feeling of accomplishment.

Like Flappy Bird, every time you start a new game, it is randomly daytime or nighttime. I find the best way to get high scores, is to know how many taps will get you to the branch without hitting it, then switch over to the other side. The game-play seems less hopeless than Flappy Bird as you get a feeling of “Okay I think I can definitely do this”, instead of “F$%k this game, it is way too hard!”  The game is not as frustrating as Flappy Bird, and there are other nice gestures like character choosing.

When you first play this game, you will notice the ads. They are impossible not to notice, and in many ways they take away the fun. You will see a constant ad at the top of your screen that will not go away I can assure you. Sometimes a giant ad will appear after a game over that only adds to your anger of losing. I had just hit a branch when BOOM, Korean girls are waiting for me. The good news is, that for $.99 USD, you can have them removed forever. It is a small price to pay for giving you your game experience back and I suggest to everyone that enjoys the game to pay it.

Where Timberman by Digital Melody gets a little different on Windows Phone is cloud syncing game-play. The Android variant has a leg up over this version due to it having Google Play Games integration. Players on Android can get achievements and medals and keep track of their scores no matter what device they are using. They can also see how their friends are doing, this adds a level of competition that is fun in any mobile game.

In order for the Windows Phone version to have that same level of sophistication. Digital Melody needs to make this game an Xbox title. Making it an Xbox title will give players achievements and record keeping abilities. As well as being able to compete with friends high scores. While we have been seeing a lot of indie games no longer be part of the Xbox program, I would like to see ALL games be a part of it, especially this one. Making it an Xbox title, as well as a universal Windows app, will without a doubt garner more downloads.

Now I don’t want to alarm you, but in the weeks that I have been playing this game I have noticed something – something so fascinating that I have not revealed it until now. I will tell you, that the Windows Phone version of this game will make your beard grow at RAPID rates. Below you will see an image of me clean shaven, and an image of me after an hour of playing this game. The results will shock the trees out of your backside!

Timberman By Digital Melody Beard

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