Good news for all you Reddit users out there. A Reddit application called “ReddX” is coming to the Xbox one on 8/19/14 (So now?). All of your Reddit pleasures will be on your big screen TV, the good, the bad, and the NSFW. Microsoft/Xbox announced this news tonight, and we are really excited. Some unique features have been mentioned and this is just another piece of the puzzle that Microsoft hopes will make the Xbox One the ultimate entertainment device.

ReddX is a very unique addition to Xbox One. All of the core functionality of Reddit are within the app. At start up, the application shows which posts are hot at the moment. You can up-vote, down-vote, comment, and reply. Pictures posted on Reddit will show the minute you click on the post. The ability to pan and zoom is also baked in, which is a nice touch (this might be scary in the WTF subreddit however.) When albums are uploaded by a user, you can easily view each image, as they are sorted for you right below the image.

You Gif addicts will be pleased to know that each Gif image will be easily viewable. Not only that, Xbox has thrown in the ability to pause, fast forward, and rewind said image. YouTube videos were not left out either. ReddX gives you the ability to watch a YouTube video within the app. This is nice as no one really wants to leave the app that they are currently in.

You can log into your Reddit account to quickly access the subreddits that you have saved. ReddX also gives users the ability to start their own thread. You can do this within the app, or through Xbox One Smartglass. Where things get a little more interesting, ReddX also has Kinect voice control built in. You can browse, and upvote posts…USING JUST YOUR VOICE.

Last but certainly not least, you can view your Reddit feed while playing your favorite game. The ReddX feed, slides out from the edge of your screen and is there for you when you need it.

This is actually one of the coolest things we have seen Microsoft/Xbox do in a while. I am actually quite surprised by this application. I can not wait to use it. Most of you may already have access to this application. Have you used it yet? What do you think? Comment below and let us know.

Source: ReddX App For Xbox One

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