Microsoft have big plans for its mobile market. Having Windows phones biggest manufacturer in house means ultimate control. Microsoft Mobile brand will control everything from handset design, to end retail. Infamous Twitter leaker @evleaks has been at it again. Revealed documents showing the long term plan for Nokia and Microsoft Mobile. After finally bringing Nokia’s mobile business in house.  The brand will eventually be replaced with the Microsoft Mobile name. However the details are not straight forward to understand.

Nokia And Lumia

Microsoft outlines its plans to use the Nokia brand at least in the short term. This will help Microsoft  to retain Nokia brand loyal customers. Nokia has carved out a market for high build quality and also amazing cameras. With Lumia sales topping 30 million in 2013. An increase of 125 percent, however slowing in the last quarter. Just after the Microsoft buyout was announced.

The Asha brand will also retain under Microsoft Mobile. Meaning once Microsoft Mobile handsets hit the market, there will be both Microsoft Mobile Lumia and Microsoft Mobile Asha brands. Other branding such as the Android powered Nokia X will not continue. Utilities and apps such as, Nokia Maps, Nokia Music and Camera applications will change to the Microsoft Mobile brand. Although some will not make the grade and be dropped.

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Microsoft did not purchase the rights for Nokia’s ringtone, the ‘Connecting People’ tagline or the Nokia Pure typeface. “These assets remain with Nokia” reads the report. Meaning they could be used to create a Nokia brand again. Some ex-employees have already launched a start-up using their experience called “Newkia”.

Moving Microsoft Mobile Forward

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The changing of the brand will make little difference to the overall experience. Nokia have made small changes to Windows Phone by adding Nokia Blue and the folders options. But Microsoft still held all the cards with producing the OS. Microsoft Mobile have plans for the platform to move forward such as including Kinect like features. This Innovation may provide just what people are looking for. Helping to carve out a larger brand loyalty base.

Although there have been huge improvements, and there are more apps coming to the platform. Microsoft Mobile needs to make a huge push for apps development. This must be a key focus for Microsoft Mobile to increase its market share. iOs and Android sale are stalling. And people are more willing to jump to new brands and operating systems. This maybe Microsoft Mobile big chance to grab a bigger slice of sales.

It is sad to see one of the biggest names in mobile finally go. I can’t help but think if Nokia had resisted the big purse from Microsoft and gone alone things would be different. If Nokia had taken Android on board, they could well now be the market leader in mobile sales. The excellent camera and build quality is what’s been lacking from android for a long time. My very first phones were Nokia. Starting with the 3210. I could charge it once a week, and it was built to last through anything. Nokia will always hold a special place in my heart.  Share your Nokia experiences below as we hold a candle to the death of Nokia.

Source: evleaks

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