So as many of you know, two weeks ago was a very busy week for the team over at Mojang, the developers of the popular game, Minecraft. The team released a major update, 1.8, for the PC version, dealt with set backs in regards to the next-gen console version, but still managed to release the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game. Last week was expected to be a quiet one, after Mojang was able to push out the regular updates that were necessary, and all was supposed to be good in the world.

However, reports started to surface stating that Microsoft was interested in purchasing Mojang for around $2 billion. Minecrafters around the world, started voicing their various opinions, about how they were worried what would happen to the game if it fell into the hands of Microsoft. Then there was some other speculation about what Microsoft’s intention for the game would actually be.



In Microsoft’s press release, they still plan to continue development of Minecraft for all of the current platforms, but it’s not known yet whether development for the PS Vita will continue. Microsoft also stated that they will “…are going to maintain ‘Minecraft’ and its community in all the ways people love today…” While Microsoft states they are committed to keeping Minecraft maintained, there are many that are still concerned about what kind of changes Microsoft will make to the game now that they own it.

Microsoft’s purchase of Mojang and Minecraft is a sign that Microsoft is gearing up towards gaming as a whole. Now whether it’s towards the casual gamer, like myself, or to Indie games, it’s a situation that is definitely worth the watch.

One more note from the Microsoft press release, Microsoft states that “Microsoft’s investments in cloud and mobile technologies will enable “Minecraft” players to benefit from rich and faster worlds, more powerful development tools, and more opportunities to connect….” This is a really interesting concept for an 16-bit style of a game, and hopefully Minecraft doesn’t try to turn it in to something that it’s now.

What do you think about Microsoft’s acquisition of Mojang, and Minecraft? Do you think that Minecraft is doomed now that Microsoft has their hands on it, and Notch is out for good? Let us know in the comment section below.

Source: Microsoft Purchased Mojang
Source: Mojang Purchased By Microsoft

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