The Nokia Lumia line was introduced in 2011, and it was really what kept Nokia in the smartphone game. The Nokia Lumia line runs Windows Phone, Microsoft’s mobile operating system. The Lumia 510 was introduced as an entry level Windows Phone in late 2012. The Lumia 520 was it’s successor. The entry-level phone a lot of sales, especially in economies like India. Now, Microsoft just announced the Lumia 530, an entry-level phone running Windows Phone 8.1, and it is the cheapest Lumia to date. It is expected to be available at an estimated retail price of 85 euros, or 115$. So how does it measure up against it’s rivals? Let’s find out.

The Phone

Lumia 530 in its various colors

Lumia 530 in its various colors

The Lumia 530 has a bit curvier edges than it’s predecessor, the 520. It is a tad smaller in height and width than the 520, but has just a bit more bulk at 11.7mm versus 9.9mm. It also comes in white and black, which you can switch out with varied color shells that you can buy later.

It runs of a powerful quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 processor that delivers a fast experience for browsing, gaming and general use. It has a 4-inch (850×480 pixels) LCD display. However, there is no improved camera nor a front-facing snapper. The 530 has exactly the same 5MP camera as the 520 with no flash like it’s Android rival, Moto E. There’s no dedicated camera for selfies, but the GlamMe app lets you use voice control to snap a shot with the main camera.

About storage, it still has the same 512 MB RAM, with  4 GB internal and a whopping micro-SD slot that supports cards up to 128 GB and to top that, you also get 15 GB cloud storage for free, which lets people sync, store, access and share files between the Lumia and other tablets, laptops and computers. Also, it will be available in both single-SIM 3G and 3G dual-SIM variants.


530 running Windows 8.1

530 running Windows 8.1

Software wise, it rocks the latest version of Windows Phone 8.1 including one-swipe notifications, and the new fast Word Flow keyboard. It boasts seamless integration with services like Skype and Microsoft Office, which come out of the box. Thanks to the processor, it has smooth performance with exclusive Lumia apps like Creative Studio and Glam Me, which makes up for the missing front camera by letting you take selfies with the rear camera using your voice.

The Windows Phone store has also been growing lately, with all the major apps such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat and the crucial gaming titles like Asphalt 8.

We are moving quickly to help more people experience the uncompromised Lumia technologies, third-party apps and Microsoft services that we deliver on our flagship products, Lumia 530 underscores our commitment to making affordable smartphones for everyone, and introducing more people to the best of Microsoft.Jo Harlow, corporate vice president of Microsoft Devices Group

Microsoft also announced the rechargeable Bang by Coloud speaker. Perfect for enjoying music with friends, Bang by Coloud is portable so people can connect multiple speakers together for a loud daisy chain of sound. How it works though, will be known well, only after the release.

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