It was a long, harsh news weekend for Microsoft and their Internet Explorer (IE) Web browser. Starting late last week, several tech stories described how there have been intense internal discussions at Microsoft about IE that have even included suggestions by developers and program development staff on the possible need to re-brand the still-troubled browser.

This ArsTechnica article by Peter Bright explores the depths of IE’s image problem:

Microsoft Considered Renaming Internet Explorer To Escape Its Checkered Past

Microsoft has had “passionate” discussions about renaming Internet Explorer to distance the browser from its tarnished image, according to answers from members of the developer team given in a Reddit Ask Me Anything session… In spite of significant investment in the browser—with the result that Internet Explorer 11 is really quite good—many still regard the browser with contempt, soured on it by the lengthy period of neglect that came after the release of the once-dominant version 6. Microsoft has been working to court developers and get them to give the browser a second look, but the company still faces an uphill challenge.

Time to Finally Quit Using IE

Here at TechDissected, we did a small-sample, informal poll of some of our contributors and others at hand about their views on IE and also what browser(s) they most frequently use. Responses about users regarding IE were instructive and ranged from those who hadn’t used IE “for years,” to one of us who hadn’t used it in well over a decade, describing IE as having “too many holes,” as “bloated” and “very insecure.” Another of us responded that he hadn’t used IE unless he “had to” for over 10 years while yet another TechDissected writer said he “never” uses IE and finally one other who said he avoids “IE at all costs.”

Of those polled for this article everyone said they either used Chrome or Firefox as their Web browser of choice.

Despite considerable criticism and long-term concerns about how secure IE is as a Web Browser, according to quick TechDissected research for this article, in the past two years Internet Explorer has anywhere between 11 to over 50 percent of market share for Web browsers.

Computerworld’s Gregg Keizer also reported on the “Ask Me Anything” Reddit chat with program managers and developers of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer:

Microsoft: Give IE Another Chance

Internet Explorer has a “user share,” a rough measurement of the percentage of the world’s computer users running a specific browser, of 58%, according to metrics vendor Net Applications. That’s nearly triple the 20% of the second-place contestant, Google’s Chrome.  “Often times the decision to not use Internet Explorer is largely based on experiences from a decade ago, and a much different IE,” argued Jonathan Sampson on the Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA). “That being said, we know it’s our job to change the public perception, and to win the hearts of users everywhere. Each [person who] opens IE, and downloads another browser, is another person we’ll be working even harder tomorrow to win back.”

It does seem like a very steep uphill battle for Microsoft when it comes to Internet Explorer. What comes to mind are days of yore when the IE Web browser emerged to take on that cool, revolving, evolving almost sci-fi “N” of Netscape. But that was during dial-up modem days. Those days seem like a lifetime ago – in Internet time those years seems like, well … it’s awfully hard to remember that far back.

Reddit AMA: Internet Explorer (IE)

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