With Google I/O just around the corner you would expect small leaks to start popping out to let us in on a few secrets. We never really learn much about I/O before the day, however they have been very few this year. I wonder if that’s because there is something huge coming?

This year looks set to become the year of wearable tech. We have seen attempts by Sony and Samsung to make their own. But Google is set to give us their take with Android Wear. If current information is to be believed they will do this in a big way at I/O.

Despite Google cutting down on the giveaways to developers at I/O last year. When a new version of Android comes out, developers are usually given a reference device. Usually the new version of Nexus hardware, be it a phone or tablet. According to Derek Ross this year will be no different. He has learned that attendees will be walking away with at very least a limited edition LG G Watch. The reference device of choice, given that the Moto 360 will not go on sale until late summer.

LG G Watch preview watch

LG G Watch

With it’s low price point and given LG’s close relationship with Google now, the LG G Watch may end up being the Nexus device of Android Wear. Getting it into the hands of developers before it goes on sale will mean apps will be android wear compatible from the word go.

The wait for the watch to go on sale, might not be that long, however. That’s not the only thing we learned about the LG G Watch this week. Paul O’Brian, over at Modaco, has released information on the UK release of the LG G Watch. He has been reliably informed the watch will on go on sale on the 7th of Jult. Priced at “below £169.99”, the price point for the Galaxy Gear 2 Neo. By making the LG G Watch affordable, LG has taken a step up on any competition that will come out later.

We were also treated to some leaked specs of the LG G Watch by @upleaks, the tipster that shared the LG G Watch system dump last week. The LG G Watch will offer a 1.6-inch display with a 280×280 resolution, 4GB storage, and a 400mAh battery with a standby time of 36 hours. It has been shown to be the smaller of the two announced android wear watches. Dimensions will be 37.9 x 46.5 x 9.95mm and will weigh in at 61 grams. @upleaks also claimed on June 4th the G Watch will be powered by a quad-core 787MHz Snapdragon CPU.

Although the main disappointment is the 36 hours of standby battery life for the LG G Watch. Meaning that if you use the features of the watch, you will be charging the watch every night, just like your phone. It would be mighty difficult to fit a huge battery into a small watch. But if there is anyone that manages to do battery life well its Motorola, so we may see better life out of the Moto 360.

It will be difficult to see what these specs mean before we see what the other watches internals are, and how the OS runs. A leaked video shown above shows a very early build of Android Wear running on the LG G Watch.

Android Wear

The biggest part of I/O is going to be focusing on Android Wear. A much smaller version of Android, built to handle notifications from a synced handset. The largest part being google now integration, with several features such as replying to texts, listening to music and location updates shown in the promotional video below.

Both the LG G Watch and the Motorola 360 devices have already been announced.  It is thought they will both be showing off there devices. Also joined by a rumoured third manufacture, thought to be Asus or HTC.

Android Wear is the first time for a while I have ben genuinely excited for a product. As a pebble user I can’t wait to get a better smart watch that gives me Google at my fingertips all the time. Not to mention the battery saving and reduced use of my smartphone to answer notifications. Whilst the Moto 360 is the better designed of the two shown devices, its yet to be seen how big the watch face is. So I think the LG G Watch would fit in with my daily life, and also allowing me to wear whilst running. Something which I am not sure the Moto 360’s size I would be able to do. Although Hunter Stephenson has already decided on the Moto 360! We might just see a surprised device that trumps the two already seen. Let me know what you think about the devices.

Website: Google I/O
Website: LG G Watch Page

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  • Probably the biggest thing I look forward to in the tech-world this year. Hopefully, it will show people how a smart device is supposed to work!

    • I agree. They will hopefully get things right compared to others. It will be a notification extender rather than a stand alone device.

  • Probably the biggest thing I look forward to in the tech-world this year. Hopefully, it will show people how a smart device is supposed to work!