For me, it is an everyday hunt for a great text message replacement app. I am usually confined by the manufacturers version of a texting app, but in the world of Android, you can pick pretty much whatever app you want to use. I’ve chosen a really beautiful and innovative app called “Invi”.

Invi is one of those apps that blends beautiful design with pretty awesome functionality. It is definitely my favorite texting app as of right now. There are many options for text messaging apps these days, but most lack the finesse and beautiful UI templates that Android has to offer.

Now, this isn’t one of your standard Hangouts looking app. There is no “hamburger” sliding menu in sight; it’s just clean and simple. You are greeted on the main screen with your chat banner, which you use in chats with other Invi users. Also, you see the banners of your contacts, if they have one. If not, you can simply assign them one; or it will automatically use their contact picture. It mostly tries to stretch the contact picture into a banner, distorting it, so I would set one myself for a contact I contacted often.

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The UI continues to keep it nice and simple within the conversation view. I’m not a huge fan of this aspect, but all of your texts and their replies are in a single column. This can, at times, be very confusing. It becomes easy to lose track of where you are in the conversation. Setting a bigger and thicker font helps improve visibility, however. I’m sure I’ll get used to it over time, but that is my one complaint. Everything else looks polished and smooth.

There are a very minimal amount of settings, considering this app is pretty young and not well known. This does not seem to be a problem right now, as all of the basic settings that you need are present and functioning well. I have yet to run into a problem with this portion of the app.

There are, also, two different themes for Invi. They provide you with the standard “light” and “dark” themes. The light theme looks the best, but the black theme provides better battery life by not using all of those white pixels. I hope they incorporate a solid black theme soon for those AMOLED users out there. That would really conserve battery, but the look might not be as good.

Invi Messaging App Conversation List

I’ve been using Invi for several weeks now, and I have not gotten tired of it as I do most messaging apps. After a while, they all just seem to bore me, but this one still has promise left. I will post some pictures below to show you the basic UI layout.

As far as RAM consumption goes, it is actually fairly lightweight, using only a few megabytes of the precious nectar. If you want to see an app that has REALLY terrible RAM consumption, please take a look at this article written by TechDissected’s own Bret Smith. He does a fine job of explaining how that whole scenario can go terribly wrong.

If you want a text messaging app that is lightweight, attractive, and does its job without getting in the way, you need to try (and keep) Invi. Until a better and more attractive texting app comes along, I’ll be just fine with using this for a very long time. To download Invi, check it out here on the Google Play Store.

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