Google Voice, formerly known as Grand Central, has been one of the biggest successes or disappointments in their application space depending on who you ask. Longtime users of the platform enjoy the click to call features, the ability to send SMS from a Chrome app, call screening, integration with Hangouts, and the ability to have one number do things that traditional phone numbers could only dream of doing.

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Google Voice seems to have taking a backseat on the innovation track lately. While there has been that push to allow Voice users to use MMS but the ability to use group text is still loudly missing. The Google Voice application itself has not been updated on Android in any significant manner in months. As most users also know, switching Voice integration over to Hangouts renders that application useless while it’s still necessary to have on devices for it to work properly.

A Chance To Share Your Voice On Google Voice

So the question becomes, what do users like about Google Voice? What can they do without? What are they passionate about? Google wants to know. On Wednesday, in the Google Voice community forum, a link was posted by their community leader taking users to a quick ten minute survey.

In that survey, Google wants to know what features are most used and which are less used. They want to know about our favorite and least favorite feature. They also give users an opportunity to provide input. If Hangouts is not the way to go, it’s at least an opportunity for those users to say so. If you as the user demands deeper integration with group texts, this is our chance.

For US residents there is even the chance to win a Chromecast for completing the survey. We do not know if Google is putting out this survey so they can determine what features to kill or if they are debating ceasing all support for voice altogether. I certainly hope that is not the case and I hope that everyone that uses Google Voice in some capacity takes their survey and shares their opinions. It’s worth the ten minutes.

The link to the survey can be found here or a link is posted on the Google Voice page for those that still visit it. Do make a note that there is only a week from Wednesday to take the survey. It will be open until June 17th, so formulate those opinions and make them known in the next week.

Source: Android Central

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