Google Glass has seen two hardware revisions so far, but they both shared pretty much the same internals, to note the TI OMAP 4430 processor, similar one that powered the Galaxy Nexus – that’s right, it’s a processor that came out in 2011. However, according to the Wall Street Journal and Mr. “Familiar With The Matter,” the newest version of Google Glass, one that nobody knew was even going to exist until now, will be powered by an Intel processor.

Google Glass Processor Upgrade

Being currently powered by a Texas Instruments OMAP processor, Google Glass has seen it’s share of efficiency problems. TI has all but completely exited the mobile processor game, so although it presented as a cheap alternative to some of the mainstream processors from Qualcomm, Samsung, or MediaTek, it is no longer being supported by TI, which means the factory binaries are horribly outdated. The fact that Intel’s processors haven’t really been seen in the high-end phone market yet, shouldn’t scare you about their performance, however. Google even found them to be good enough to put an Intel Atom processor into the first commercially available version of Android TV, the Nexus Player. Despite Intel’s late entry into the mobile sector, they have been making great strides in their mobile hardware, which is also a great thing for consumers. The sooner there is another competitor in the high-end mobile SoC market, the better. And perhaps that’s what Google is doing with tipping their hat to Intel with their newest Google Glass iteration as well as the newly released Nexus Player.

It’s likely that this new Google Glass will be slated as a new generation of Google Glass, perhaps even make it out of the “Explorer Edition” category, effectively calling it a consumer product for the first time. According to Forbes’ report, that won’t just be the extent of it, however. They assert that Intel wants to make Google Glass more of a commercial product; for it to be used in hospitals and manufacturing. This isn’t quite news, however, since Google announced a program that they call “Glass at Workback in June.

Hopefully, if Google Glass actually becomes common in the professional setting, that will set the path for it being more socially acceptable in the for consumers. As of right now, the social landscape isn’t very friendly towards Glass wearers, with some being assaulted, simply for wearing Google Glass in public. One thing is for sure: fans of Google Glass will be thrilled to get a new version of Glass. Up until now, we weren’t entirely sure if the program had run it’s course, but now we know that a new version of Glass will be hitting the streets sometime in 2015 and it will have much better hardware under the hood.

Source: WSJ
Via: Forbes

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