You know me, I love selfies – I know what you are thinking, “Classic Bretski,” but I do. Maybe I am too self involved for my own good. Selfies really show the soul of a person. They are the gateway to ones core values. With a selfie I will know if I like you or dislike you – If I don’t like what I see..then don’t even talk to me – I am so hot right now. This brings me to “Frontback” by Frontback. They have recently released their selfie-centric application for Android and I am all over it like bacon on bacon.

Frontback allows the user to snap a photo with their main camera, then snap a photo with their front-facing camera all in one session. These two photos, form one single image that can be shared within Frontback to other Frontback users and to other social sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. In itself, Frontback is a social media platform similar to Instagram. You can follow other users as well as “like” and share their photos. Now let’s take a look at the app and see how it floats in Android waters.

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When you first enter the application, you will be prompted to make an account on Frontback (unless you already have one). You can make an account from scratch or sign in with Google, which is a nice gesture for Android users. The iOS version does not have this feature, so it is nice to see Frontback including this because Android users like to see this option. After you sign up, they present you with a list of “Suggested Users” to follow if you wish.

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Creating a Frontback image is a pain free experience. Clicking the (mostly permanently fixed) camera icon at the top of the screen will open your camera. At the top of the screen you will see the scene that your main (back) camera is focused on. Below this is a black screen, which we will get to in a minute. Click the shutter button in the middle of the screen to capture an image with your main camera.

Your front-facing camera will then open up for a nice juicy selfie. Your selfie will fill that black space at the bottom of the screen we saw earlier. Once you have taken your Frontback selfie, an arrow will appear in the middle of the screen, click this to fully process your single image. Additionally, dragging the top image down to the bottom will have your front-facing camera shot be on the top. You can toggle this back and forth to your liking.

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After clicking the arrow, the app will take you to your caption screen. Just like with services like Instagram, you can tag other users, write a caption, and share to other sites. Here are the list of sites you can share to: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr. If you have chosen to share to Instagram, the app will take you to Instagrams crop screen you know and love (or hate). You won’t need to do any cropping as the entire photo will post. In the caption screen, there is a three dot action overflow button (menu button) at the top right of your screen. Here, you can save your photo to your gallery.

One thing I like about Fronback is that they have adopted some “Android Design Guidelines” in their app. Swiping to the right from the left edge of the screen will open a “Navigation Drawer.” From here you can quickly get to your notifications, your profile, Discover other profiles, and find friends. Clicking on “Me” will take you to your profile. In the middle of your profile is a giant settings button. Let’s take a look at the application settings to see what we can tweak.

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Settings are pretty standard. You can edit your username, your bio, and location. You can change your profile picture and sign in with your other social profiles. However,  a unique option caught my eye in this screen. Frontback allows you to “Auto-follow friends joining.” With this option turned on, any time you have a friend join Frontback you will automatically follow them. This could be good for now, but you may want to turn this option off if Frontback becomes more popular…just a thought.

Overall I do like Frontback. I think without the fact that it is a social network in itself, it might be lost in the plethora of available photo editing tools out there. This type of photo can be achieved with a bunch of other apps – BUT, having said that, they won’t be as quick as this app does things. Having another place to be social might be a bonus to some. It is always fun to check out other networks of people. I absolutely love that the app is not just an iOS port. They took the time to make it very “Android,” with all the design, functionality, and flow that Android users are accustomed to. The app is designed really well and it is very smooth to navigate.

Website: FrontBack App
Facebook: FrontBack App
Twitter: FrontBack App

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