(Update – Meerkat now available | Periscope now available)

Anyone who’s used Android for a while will remember the dark days when we’d wait an age for successful iOS apps to make their way to our beloved platform. While this isn’t really the case that often anymore (probably driven by the fact that developer’s payments are slowly catching up with iOS) but sadly there’s still the odd occasion where we’re still made to feel like the poor cousin.

Recently, the world has been all a-buzz about two video streaming apps – Meerkat and Periscope. There’ve been countless articles written on the effect that these apps are having on the world of news and how anyone and everyone is getting involved and even something as simple as streaming the contents of your fridge has become a “thing”. Unless of course you’re on Android. Both apps have stated constantly that Android versions are “coming soon” but ya know, it’d be nice to see some decent progress. Meerkat now have an Android beta program but despite knowing lots of people that signed up to be considered for the beta, I’ve yet to meet anyone who’s used it on Android yet.

People using Periscope
Instagram of course took its time to land on Android and when it finally did, the twitterstorm from snooty iOS users thinking we’d somehow “taint” their precious world of sandwich pictures was something to behold. The release on Android undoubtedly improved the world of Instagram but the company have once again “slung us the dingy” with new app Layout.

What is going on? While figures show that over 80% of the world’s smartphones are driven by Android, it seems we’re still being left behind by developers from time to time. We’ve reached out to the developers of Periscope, Meerkat and Instagram to find out if they’d answer a few questions but have yet to hear back – we’ll update this post as and when…

Let us know what you think – if you’re an Android head, if iOS is your thang, or if you’re a developer and have taken the decision to delay or avoid releasing on Android at all – we’d like to hear from you in the comments below.

(Also – when you can finally get your hands on Periscope on Android we’ll add that download link to the top of the page!)

Developer: Periscope on Android

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