Inbox from Google has been one of those applications that has polarized its users. People have found it so helpful in organizing their mountain of email that they have adopted it for full time personal use (like myself). Then there are some that because of a few missing features have dismissed the application altogether. For some it’s entirely too simple to use and lacks power features.

google inbox update

Thursday after Google I/O, an update to Inbox was pushed with many features in tow along with the announcement that the app is now no longer just available via invitation. Not only is this now available for all end users, but Inbox is also now available to Apps for Works users as well. In the GMail blog, an early adopter program was set up for those interested in using Inbox in an enterprise environment.

Google Inbox Update

  • Inbox is now open to everyone—no invitation required.
  • Introducing Trip Bundles – emails about a trip are bundled with important details highlighted
  •  New setting to swipe to delete
  • New setting to set your signature
  • Undo Send – take back a message up to a few seconds after sending it
  • Reminders created in Keep will now appear in Inbox
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Google did not hold back with this update. Many of the biggest requests seem to have been fulfilled with this update including some new features that jump out to me. When I travel, I have a lot of emails confirming concerts, rail or airline, restaurants, etc. The solution I would typically use would be to migrate them to something like TripIt which would create an itinerary.

Reminders in Inbox has been one of my favorite features. What it lacked was communication with Google Keep which is what I primarily use for all my lists and reminders. With this update, reminders that I create in Keep are available in Inbox. I did not have the same luck moving reminders from Inbox to Keep, but I have a feeling that full functionality will be coming soon.

Many who have decided against using Inbox did so because of a lack of signature. In this latest update, Google has added a setting to add that signature. Now the location of that setting to me is still unclear. I have checked both my phone application as well as the desktop application and do not see it yet. Update: The settings for both the application and Inbox desktop page show the updated settings for both creating a signature and deciding where to send read items.I know especially for people that either require for their small business or for the sake of closing all of their emails a signature is important, so now that functionality is available too.

One of my favorite GMail labs features was their “Undo Send” feature which gave users a few seconds to stop an email from going out after hitting send. The human mind will amazingly recall something that either needed to be added or remember that they accidentally clicked “Reply All” to an email after it was sent. With that added, users will be able to save a ton of embarrassment with a quick click to stop that email from going out.

Inbox Maturing

With this latest update and tweak overhaul to Inbox, Google is outwardly showing their dedication to this platform. With Gmail working on more of a functional level, Inbox provides a practical approach to handling emails. Sure there are some power features that may be missing. I would love to see Inbox Labs where new features can be tested. I am sure there are many features that users are waiting for that just are not available yet either. I decided months ago to dive into using Inbox exclusively and by and large I have been pleased.

Do share your thoughts about Inbox especially about the new features. With Inbox going live for everyone, there aren’t many excuses left to not try it out.

Source: Google Inbox Update(Google Blog)

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