Back in 2010 Google announced they were to take over your home television with Google TV. A year later in 2011 Google were to take over everything else with the Android@home project. But until the Chromecast and acquiring Nest they have barely managed to step in the door. So what’s made Google look again at your TV set?

If it wasn’t planned before, the Amazon Fire TV must have made Google look at their ill fated Google TV. The bizarre precursor to the Chromecast, the Nexus Q, didn’t even make it to sale. And Google TV, despite Google chairman Eric Schmidt’s confidence, fell flat compared to other services. Although Chromecast has helped spoon Google and its partners’ content into the home, a more integrated system is best for end users.

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Android TV

The Verge reported back in April that we were to see Android TV soon but a new report by Gigaowm says we will see it announced at Google I/O this year.

Google will be taking a different approach this time however and won’t be producing yet another device to plug into the back of your TV. Instead, in a similar play as Google TV,  it will be a platform that can be used by manufacturers to deliver digital content directly to your TV. With similar goals as the Fire TV, Google wants Google TV to be the sole content provider to your homes.

No More Netflix Carousel

Although several content providers have been linked to creating ‘apps’ for Android TV, the key to the new system will be a card like interface. Dubbed as ‘Pano’, users will be able to browse and search content from several providers at once. Simply browse the content on the home screen or bring up a search that goes through films, TV shows and other provided services at once.

Android TV Search

Opening apps, browsing their specific catalogue of content, finding nothing and closing to try another app will be a thing of the past. Making content significantly more important than the providers it comes from. And if there’s one thing Google does right we all know it’s SEARCH capabilities. Android TV will make suggestions and recommendations about what’s hot and what Google thinks you will like. Of Course with the potential for the obvious advertising and search-based revenue.

It is likely we will see lots OEM’s jump on board with Google, many of which produced Google TV and work closely on mobile. Building the platform into not only dongles and set top boxes, but also new TV’s and DVR’s. Leaving Google without the distribution and manufacturing costs, and all of the benefits. Google Play content is likely to be the big winner, as well as associated sales. If I were to get a shiny new Android TV at home, I am more likely to consider an Android device.

I can’t wait to see this on the market. I would like to see integration with cable or satellite TV also. Maybe similar to the Xbox One through put. Meaning I could get Google now reminders for my favorite shows, and search on demand content from Sky et al. I will be excited to pick up a new TV or device providing the device is designed well! What’s your thoughts on Googles march to take over your home?

Source: The Verge

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